Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post AFA Event

Still suffering from post-cosplay event syndrome though the event seems like it happened ages ago instead of a mere 2 days ago. The above picture is the collection of coscards I managed to get from friends/other cosplayers from this event, however, its a pretty sad collection compared to previous experiences. However, it can't really be helped since I did only have a day to go to the event as I had work commitments on Saturday.

I cosplayed Felicita from the anime/otome game La storia della Arcana Famiglia, who is the main character in the series. Being an otome game, I had my usual "harem" with me LOL, and was lucky enough to have a Malaysian cosplayer join my team specially for the event and shoot. 

 Made use of the Canon photo booth with lovely backgrounds. From left: Esther as Nova, Gabby (the Malaysian cosplayer) as Luca, me and Mini as Debito.

 Another picture but with a different background this time

There were alot of things to see at the event though I missed quite abit due to the sheer size and lack of time as well as having to fight the huge crowds of people all day long.

The Rurouni Kenshin movie prop and costume on display 

 Beautiful fan artwork of Cardcaptor Sakura on display. it was the only one and you had to bid for a chance to win it.

 [K] is this season's most advertised anime as well as Animax's most up to date series, so naturally lots and lots of advertising as well as these massive posters were on display all over the Animax booth

 Gabby being a fanboy of InuXBoku hahaha, he cosplayed Soushi before.

This cute statue of Kyubey was being used as a subject for photography at the Canon booth

Towards the end of the event, my team and I quickly rushed to a studio which we had booked and appointment with earlier for a quick photoshoot. We didn't know when Gabby would have the time or cash to head down to Singapore again, so we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have a shoot with him for the series.

 Playing on set while everyone was getting ready hahaha

A picture of my full team, Selicia and her sister joined us during the shoot as Pace and Liberta

Pictures from the shoot will be posted once Mini has edited them nicely.

Overall, time passed rather quickly, I was getting into the swing of things at the event only to realise that I had to get ready to leave for the shoot. Even at the shoot, we had to take group shots as well as everyone's individual shots within the span of 2 hours which is really really little time. However I did have lots of fun that day depsite not enjoying the event as much as I did for STGCC.

The next event I'm looking forward to is EOY (End-of-Year). I'll be with a partner and we'll be cosplaying characters from the series C The Money of Soul & Possibility Control. So look for me if you do pop by!

& a little funny extra during the shoot:


  1. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Giant Kyuubeys are always good. More contracts for everyone!

    1. LOL!! The Kyubey was life-szed so around the size of a cat, so not exactly a giant. I signed a contract with a very moe cosplay of Kyubey at one event haha

  2. Embarrassingly enough, I follow your blog tenaciously but I never comment! But I just had to when I saw you did such an amazing Felicita (and your harem was so moe). I've always wanted to do her and now I have to try to be half as amazing as you were.ヽ(・∀・。)ノ Though if I may ask where did you get the leg buckle? I've been trying to find one with that width.

  3. Awww, why didn't you comment before? I love reading comments and I won't bite (much....) but thank you for the sweet comment and I'm not really that great a cosplayer of Felicita, I've seen much better versions \(///)/ but thank you!

    The leg buckle was a lucky find on Taobao, but it was attached to a belt, so I simply removed the buckle from the belt and then redid the strap