Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Things Come All At Once

As the title says, plenty of good things have happened in my life recently, and more speciifically within the the space of last and this week alone. Since it's too much of a hassle to post individual posts about everything, I'll just thrown it all into this post. So secure your seatbelt and check out the flurry of excitement I've had all week!

 Sweet Jo was in town last week due to some stuffs, so naturally she contacted me to meet up! I miss her whenever she's back in Indo as she's definitely the girlfriend to have for girly dates such as shopping or just hanging out and gossiping.

Shirt: Snidel
PVC shorts: Salvation Army
Laced-up Sandal boots: Salvation Army (the brand is stated as Free People, but I just like it because it's like a suede rip off of the famous S/S 09 Ann Demeulemeester sandal boots)

 Finally got a chance to do full makeup with contouring and lashes. I love how much my green Geo Mimi lenses pop in contrast to my darker hair

Monday was a day that I had been waiting for ever since I finished my last lessons about 2 months back. It was the day of my University Convocation and I finally got to don my graduation robes and mortar board for the event. It was really eye-opening to see the Dean of the school and other top professors wearing their own fancy robes and donning the different headgears showing their education rank as well as watching 2 students recieve their certificates for doing PhD.

 My robes and Mortar board. I still can't get over how much the colour resembles Gryffindor house's colour, I'm just lacking the gold sash

 Me standing next to the school insignia and motto

 Obligatory picture of me with my proud parents

 With some of my University friends who made team work and going to classes fun 

 With Ellialyn and Melissa, who without them would have made school work a complete chore. Thank you guys for giving me the best last memories of school, I'll miss laughing and joking with you guys as well as quarreling about what we should eat for lunch.

 Outfit for Convocation:
Top: Snidel
Skirt: tailored for me
Belt: This Fashion
Nude stockings: rnadom Taiwanese brand from Watsons
Shoes: Giorgio Armani

If you follow my Instagram you'd probably seen these babies awhile back. But if not, these lovely beaded shoes were purchased by my mom specially for my Convocation as she insisted I wear something showy instead of ordinary black pumps. It's a good thing that they are insanely comfortable too.

On the day of my Convocation, whilst busy fretting about in preparation for the ceremony, I received a call from a company I liked and they offered me a job!! So now, I'm officially a graduate and employed! I'm not really superstitious but I do believe and fate and charms and stuff, but I really think God answered my prayers this time.

I'll be working in a small company (really small, there's like only 6 people, including me) that import and distribute organic foods like chocolates, chips and fresh veggies and fruits. The bad thing is that being small, I'll be doing alot of work including packing and sorting the stuff though my main job scope is to bring in and secure clients to sell our products to. I also have to work some Saturdays, so I'll be missing one day of the AFA event next week haiz. The boss is really hands-on (he packs and delivers the products himself), so I'm sure I can learn alot from him and my colleagues.

The best part is that being a distributor, the boss doesn't give a rat's ass about attire, so I can wear whatever I want to work as long as I wear covered toe shoes and no jeans with rips or patches or fancy designs. He also told me as long as I look presentable, my hair can be whatever colour I want LOL. I'll also be able to climb the company ranks faster as the company grows with time. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that all goes well. 

Bought myself this lovely water bottle/flask/ thermos from Franc Franc as a present for getting a job. I had been eyeing it since forever.

I also bought a dress to stash in the office in case of an accident on my attire. It's the perfect crease-free and any occasion dress, though it maybe alittle too fancy for my workplace (everyone wears jeans or khakis and a shirt to work) but I don't care, I still like it. I'll probably get a few more things to make my work alittle easier and make my cubicle more home-y. But for now, I'm just a a bundle of emotions, feeling excited, nervous and scared to be officially starting proper work on Monday. So crossing my fingers and praying that all goes well. 

I'll still be running this blog as its become like a diary of sorts where I list down the highs and lows in my life, but with full-time work and cosplay, the number of posts may drop. However, I'll still update whenever I can so I hope you, my dear readers, will carry on sticking around and reading. But in the mean time, thanks guys for reading all my nonsense over the past few years. 


  1. Congratulations on graduating & getting a job :D !

  2. Wow! Congratulations :) I live near the university in Australia haha!

    1. Thanks! & really? Haha, you probably see alot of the students everyday haha