Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sponsored Review: Nail Decor

Been super busy with work as its been a real learning curve from knowing the products to how the office is run and stuff. It's a good thing that being a small company, there isn't much politics or a strong heirachy system since everyone's work differs from each other slightly so at least that's one less worry.

Today's review, kindly sponsored by KKCenterhk is about nail products that change your simple nail polish to something fancy and totally different from simply having plain, blah nails.  

No idea why blogger is being a bitch and refusing to let me turn the picture, but these were the items I chose for the review. Lovely nail stickers and ribbon decorations

I used a Dollywink nail polish (review coming soon!) for the bluish-green base and then carefully applied the nail stickers over it before sealing with a top coat. The ribbon was stuck on with nail glue

 Here's how my right hand design looked like, just some minor changes but the overall look is the same

The completed result! LOL only whilst taking this picture did I realise that the ribbons on my nails coincidentally line up when my hands are stacked this way
Picture of the completed result! From a different point of view 
My initial inspiration for the design of the nails was the manga/anime Paradise Kiss, and more specifically the dress the protagonist wore during the showcase of the team's final work.

You can clearly see why I chose the stickers with the butterfly and cloud motifs as well as the beaded butterfly decoration

What surprised me was how the eventual result actually looked pretty Oriental in design, kind of like a chinese porcelain vase motif or something. Oh crap I'm digressing again anyway here's the review:

Ease of use: 9/10 (just peel the sticker off the board and stick, I use a nail clipper to cut away the excess and I was done)

Effect: 9.5/10 (I loved the look of the stickers though it was pretty obvious that it wasn't painted on when viewed up close but there's only so many people who would scrutinise your nails from a super close range right?)

Lasting Power: 8/10 (being a rather rough person, I'm surprised it lasted a total of 4 days before I noticed the edges starting to peel off. A little tip is to seal the nail's edge with your top coat to try and make it last a day or 2 longer. The ribbons dropped off after 2 days but it wasn't surprising since the ribbon is fairly large and got in the way some times.)

Overall: 7/10 (really recommended for a special look like for an event or something but not regular use since it does take alittle more work on top of painting your nail polish.)

If you wanna purchase these lovely nail stickers or beaded ribbons or even other things (KkcenterHK has a wide variety of wigs, eyelashes & eyeshadows too!) do take a look at their online shop. Just remember this unique coupon code: somethingborrowedornew in order to get 10% off!

I'll be really really busy next week as I've got 3 different activities lined up. This of course means plenty of new material for you guys to read so till next time!


  1. Super cute! I love nail decorations like these. So easy to use and they look great~

    1. They are extremely easy despite their appearances! & if clumsy me can do it, I guess anybody can LOL!