Monday, November 26, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Event

Steph and I managed to snag invites to the recent MAC makeup event for their latest collection, Glamour Daze. I'm usually not too bothered about MAC's collaborations but this collection definitely caught my eye, I just love the whole concept and retro-style look of the makeup & hair.

The place was incredibly crowded, naturally due to MAC's popularity, but I managed to snap a few quick pictures of the collection

 Took all I had to stop myself from grabbing these beautiful palettes. If only they came in the form of clutches, I would have grabbed them in a heartbeat.

 Their eyeshadow and blush shades look pretty similar to what I already have in my makeup box so alittle disappointing, but it was also inspiring as I never realised they could be used for the vintage look (LOL, yes I can be that dense sometimes)

 Steph and I kept molesting the pink bag, it was just so "us" LOL. The brushes were incredibly soft too!

 Watched a demo on how to get the look with the collection's makeup. I love the model's skin soo much!! It looked like porcelain from afar but I saw up close that she had alittle acne on her skin, so I'm really amazed at how well the makeup was applied to make her appear totally flawless!!

Also loved her hair, doe eyes, dress etc.... basically, they got the perfect model for the collection. End of Story. 

 Steph and I. Love her Emoda cropped top paired with the pearl necklace. I just look old with pearls, or maybe it's just me.

Outfit (amped up the exposure cuz the picture was really really dark & this was the only decent outfit pic I had):
Knit Top: Uniqlo
PVC skirt: Murua
Belt: Taobao
Necklace: Borrowed from Mom
Boots: Gripz
Bag: Jimmy Choo 

Steph celebrated her birthday yesterday with a party, so I'll churn out that post as quick as I can. But for now, gonna catch up on some zzzz before I head to work tomorrow. Nites people!

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