Monday, December 3, 2012

Outift Posts (Steph's Birthday & Movie Marathon)

Late post again becuase I've been extremely busy and totally tired out from work lately, so there's no way around it.To make up for a lack of a life on weekdays, my weekends tend to be packed with all sorts of activities, it does leave me physically tired but at least I'm mentally refreshed from work.

Last Friday, Steph celebrated her birthday at her favourite darts bar with alot of her darts friends.

 They got her 2 ice cream cakes. I love this picture of her though the random person's wvaing hand kinda ruins it LOL

They playfully smeared cream all over her face, I managed to corner her for this picture before she went into hiding to wipe it off hahaha 

 As the birthday girl, she was made to drink a Waterfall & Graveyard. graveyard is probably the worst drink I've ever tasted, it was pure bitterness that lasted long after I had swallowed the drink eugh!!! I was also her "tank" (basically, shared her drinks) for the night so I did get quite a few drinks throughout the party.

Threw on comfy clothes for the night so that we could play darts (bleaugh super unflattering shot of us) 
Shirt: Uniqlo UT
Jeans: GoJane
Heels: Mondo

 Picture of us before Steph got wasted for the night LOL!!!

 I wore my heaviest lashes that night and I quite liked the look! I'll probabaly be using the same lashes for my upcoming cosplay.

Yesterday, the Bf and I decided to go for a movie marathon as there were too many movies that we wanted to watch but too little time. We managed to catch Frankenweenie and The Rise of the Guardians. Frankenweenie was super cute, I like how Tim Burton chose to have the entire film in black and white, made it so much darker and less distracting from the storyline.

The Rise of the Guardians was interesting, I love how Santa was portrayed like a Russian mafia boss and how the Easter Bunny wasn't a cute-sy little bunny. Of course, the one that stole the show was Jack Frost, whoever designed the character should get a pay raise, he's the reason why so many people have flocked to the cinema to catch the movie. The storyline was bit predictable but no surprise since it is a kids movie, but it was still very enjoyable.

 Randomly threw on thsi outfit:
top: Glad News
Jeans: GoJane
Bag: taobao
Shoes: Itti & Otto
Necklace: Chrome Hearts

Decided to curl my hair for the day, I haven't curled my hair since my last haircut and had somewhat forgotten how I looked with wavy hair. I must say, I miss the volume the curls give to my hair.

I'll be working on Saturday again... boohooo.... so I'll be missin the License to Play event on Saturday. However, I will be attending the End of Year (EOY) event on Sunday. I'll be cosplaying with my partner from the anime series [C] Money of Soul & Possibility Control (such a mouthful), as the summons Mysu and Q. I'll be cosplaying Q so if you see a green-haired emo girl with horns from afar, that's probably me hahahah.

Crossing my fingers and hoping everything will go well by Sunday. My wisdom tooth decided to be a bitch on me so I've been having an aching and slightly swollen jaw all week, however, it has helped me to lose weight since I eat less now. My eczema has also flared up and I can feel a stye forming on my right eye, ugh!!! I bet it's because of my job, since I'm being a superwoman right now and doing 3-4 different jobs due to the lack of staff. I just hope my boss keeps his word about getting more staff soon or I'll probably burn out in no time

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