Sunday, December 16, 2012

Image Post: EOY Event & Rurounin Kenshin Movie

Image heavy post so I apologise if your com kinda slows down while loading.

Lets start with cosplay, I attended the End-Of-Year (EOY) event cosplaying as the character Q, from the anime series, [C] Money of Soul & Possibility Control. It was abit sad that Mini and Esther weren't able to attend the event due to other commitments, but at least I got to meet other friends as well as having a cosplay partner and the Bf be with me throughout the day.

 Camwhore shot of me, the harsh background lighting totally blurred out the picture. I used a ton of pink/red eyeshadow as well as my heaviest lashes for the character's makeup.
 Selicia looking so bishie

With Mikage, one of the members of my Type-00 team

 Took a polaroid with Skye, one of the best cosplayers in Singapore! I'm still amazed that she's so sweet and down-to-earth despite being such a pro at cosplay. I'm also quite surprised she remembered me from Cosfest as I'm like pretty much a nobody in the cosplay scene as compared to her.

Photo of my partner, Tsukiya cosplaying as Mysu and I. Her friend took the pictures though I don't know him personally.

 A closer shot of us.
 Towards the end of the day, Skye and a few others surprised Zelmer aka Kenneth, with this little muffin for his birthday. He was really surprised because he hadn't suspected a thing!
EOY was incredibly fun as I managed to meet quite alot of friends at the event, though I'm still alittle sad that Mini and Esther couldn't be there to share the fun. It felt so different not having the three of us hanging out together during an event.
A couple days later, I managed to finally catch the live action Ruronin Kenshin movie! I was seriously behind, most of my friends had watched the movie like at least 2-3 times each before I finally caught it.
Mini helped to buy the tickets as I rushed down from work. 2 others are for Selicia and her sister.

Fan girl moment! Posing with this standee of Himura Kenshin (sorry I look so crappy, it was after a long day of packing and inventory at work)

The action scenes in the movie were great and most of the cast suited their characters, I'm just disappointed in the actress for Kaoru, she wasn'y violent enough, whined alittle too much and sadly, didn't look as pretty as Kenshin, which is pretty wrong. The slow scenes in the movie also felt like they were taking forever instead of helping the story to progress.

I'm just uncertain now, why my friends rushed to watch the movie multiple times, it is nice, but not nice enough for me to consider buying another movie ticket. Hmm... different tastes I suppose :/

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