Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meet Up with Steph

Had a bad day at work last Friday, so bad that I was kinda miffed bout it through the whole weekend, though I know holding onto such negative emotions does nothing but bad things to you. So I asked Steph out just to chill and shop abit to get my mind off things.

I decided to doll up too, so that I'll put my mind into a good vibe. It certainly worked because I felt like my old self once more after my makeup and hair was done. 

 After make and hair. Steph says my hair is fine but I just felt like it wasn't as good as how I used to do it, perhaps its the way I curled or I'm due for a haircut pretty soon.

Dress: Bought in Macau
Military jacket: Topshop
Stockings: I've forgotten
Beret: Accessorize
Shoes: Gal Star
Bag: Snidel

We went to JRunway because despite being open for so long, and me being into Japanese fashion, I've yet to set foot into that store. It's pretty cool since they had brands like Emoda, Algonquins, Spiral Girl etc.

Found these d.i.a. style shorts on a rack, they were so tacky with the buckles that they actually looked good ROFL. Steph tried and eventually bought the  black version while I tried the blue version. I qite liked it but at $75, its kinda steep especially when I'm not so much into the hardcore d.i.a. style

Bought this Mystic cardigan. It was placed along the sales rack so its a steal compared to its previous price. The wool is alittle rough but I like the fit and considering my size, I find it difficult to find good wool and knit cardigans that fit my frame.

Bought these rings too. I'm in love with the vintage style one on the left. My tastes have been geared more towards a much softer feminine style lately. The stacked rings on the right were really pretty and I like how they can be stacked together for a more dramatic look or worn seperately. Sadly one of the diamante on the stacked rings has dropped off, so I brought it back to be exchanged.
 I chose this 3-way hair accessory in its place. All 3 can be worn together as they're linked by the chain, or be worn separately with the chain becoming a really cute bracelet.

 Loved the details on the back of Steph's blazer. The pleats are such a cute addition

It started to pour heavily after wandering around JRunway, so we explored the new section of Plaza Singapura. We stumbled upon Tally Weijl , a high street brand popular with alot of Swedish bloggers. They had some cool stuff, so I may return to check it out once again.

Took this picture of us while we were waiting for our dinner and the Bf to arrive

It was also the first time that Steph and the Bf met each other in real life despite chatting online at times. It was interesting to watch them talk non-stop about games especially Nintendo stuffs.

The week is certainly flying by rather fast. I hope 2013 will be a better year for me especially on the job front. In the mean time, Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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