Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skincare Review: My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask

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Secretive Pte Ltd was kind enough to sponsor some facial masks for me once again and I'm pretty glad too! their masks are always lovely and fit so well on my face.

The mask that they chose to send this time made me squeal in excitement because of how cute it was. I mean just look at it:

Ultra cute My Melody packaging!

The mask this time is an Oil Free 3D Fitting mask, its main objective is to deeply hydrate your skin while reducing the amount of oil produced. Perfect for me and my ever so oily skin!

The key ingredients in the mask are France Bretagne's Gulf Stream sea water, Antarticine, Marine Collagen, Bulgarian Rose Nectar and Hyaluronic Acid. All the ingredients also help to whiten one's skin though I'm actually already happy with my skin tone haha.

 Blogger being a bitch again and refusing to turn my picture. But that's not the point, the main thing is notice the My Melody character showing you how to apply the face mask. I mean how much cuter can it get? 

After ripping open the pack, I gently pulled out the mask but whilst fumbling around with it, I accidentally tore the fragile mask. It wasn't a deep tear so it didn't affect the integrity of the mask, but it did show just how soft the material of the mask was. 

The mask on my face. Super unglam shot of me but who cares?

The part that surprised me the most were the eye flaps, it's the first I've ever seen on any mask I've ever used before. Useful, since most maks do not work on the eye area and it's bit troublesome to apply an eye cream/serum after you're so relaxed from enjoying the mask. It also had a chin flap that fitted nicely around my chin area. It's nice to know that such areas of the face have also been factored into the design of the mask.

However, I chose to not use the eye flaps since I was watching an episode of Psycho Pass (HOMG!! Everyone should watch this anime! It's too awesome for words), so perhaps that's why my eyes felt abit tight and dry throughout the next day. My skin felt alittle tight too, it wasn't uncomfortable but it was noticeable though it got better once I applied my day moisturizer.

The ultimate test if the mask worked was at the end of the day after a day out in full makeup. I noticed that my makeup hadn't slid off as much as usual which probably meant that the amount of oil produced was definitely reduced. I did get abit shiny but that's pretty normal.

Overall, the mask is great and definitely my favourite product sent thus far. I'll definitely purchase it on my own next time.

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