Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Celebration & Reflection for the New Year

Late post but then again better late then never right?

I had a quiet (okay not quite quiet when a gang of relatives invaded my home for the night) Chrsitmas eve dinner with relatives and we had a pot luck party with plenty of food to go around. Too much food actually, my fridge and freezer is still stuffed with leftovers that my sis and I are slowly trying to finish. We had roasted chicken, Black pepper & Honey herbs, honey baked ham, Bratswurst sausages, garlic bread, potato salad and 3 different desserts. No pictures because the table was a mess with everyone ravaging the food hahaha.

I did manage to take shots of 2 of our desserts before they were sliced up and served:

 Bf's contribution to the potluck was the lovely cream tart. I still have 2 slices in my freezer, I love this company's fruit tart though it can be bit heavy sometimes

 Stupid blogger is being stupid, refusing to turn my pic around. Anyway this is German Stollen, my aunt brough this as well as half a Carrot Walnut cake with cream cheese icing. It's my first time trying Stollen and its definitely better then fruit cake, I hate that stugg, but the preserved candied fruits still got to me after awhile, I'm just not fond of the taste.

In my childhood, Christmas day was spent with the relatives on my Dad's side of the family. However, ever since my paternal grandmother passed away, everyone has sorta gone their own paths, bit sad but nothing can be done I guess. My dad is also currently away due to work, so my sis, mom and I decided to watch Les Miserable!

 Our Tickets

The movie was amazingly great!! Hugh Jackman was stellar in his performance and I love Amanda Seyfried being cast as the sweet innocent daughter and her high voice totally suited the look for the role. Anne Hathaway was wonderful and it was brilliant to watch her character fall from grace on screen, and I love how hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were as the antagonists of the movie. I still hum their song "Master of the House" from time to time as their scene replays in my mind.

My mom wasn't impressed by Russell Crowe's singing, not that there's anything wrong with his performance, but when you compare his performance to the Broadway version, there is a significant difference, but then again, Broadway and film are different.

Anyone, on to the fun bit of Christmas, pressies!!!
 Blogger being ridiculously stupid, shall just ignore. Anyway, here's some of the presents I received from family and friends, not everything is here as I couldn't fit all of them in. The bf bought me a mini vacuum that resembles a pokeball/Haro when not in use ROFL, and a pair of Necomimi (been eyeing it since forever!), My sis got me a picture book of Howl's Moving Castle (useful to ogle at the film's beauty without needing to play the movie), Steph got me an amazing Emoda top (so comfy & stylish) and cute nail polish and her mom surprised me with an amazing Christian Dior charm bracelet.

 The nail polish set from Steph. It's supposed to be used to create checked patterns and the different colours can be mixed together to create new colours! Unfortunately clumsy me hasn't gotten the hang of it, but I do love the colours alot!

 The beautiful Christian Dior charm bracelt that Steph's Mom surprised me with, I had been wanting a charm bracelet for a long time but I figured I'd might as well save up and get a Tiffany or a Thomas Sabo version, but now I don't need to! I love how the charms look like little presents, too cute!

Here's a picture of me playing with my Necomimis before my relatives came. It's so fun to watch feel it swivel around though its near impossible to really control their actions. It took awhile before I could get this shot of the ears on alert mode, as they kept swivelling around or drooping down into relaxed mode. My mom and sis were quite amused by it, though Dusky couldn't care less. Funny because I thought he would freak, but maybe he's finally gotten used to the fact that he has a weirdo for an owner hahah.

Tomorrow's the last day of 2012, it's been a great year though alot of crap has happened lately, but still I'm grateful. I graduated, got a job I somewhat enjoy, attended nearly all cosplay events and made so many new cosplay friends as well as getting to know some of the cosplay elites that I had always admired from afar, became closer to some friends and went overseas with one of the best friends I'd ever known. It's had its fair share of ups and downs so here's to wishing to a better year ahead.

I'll be attending an office party on new year's eve before making my way to a Kenneth's belated birthday/New year party. It'll be the first time I won't be celebrating the new year with my family but since I'll be surrounded by great friends from a hobby I love, it'll be a great start to the new year.

How will you be celebrating your new year?  In th mean time wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 

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