Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013 to All

 A belated Happy New Year greetings to all my dear readers! I know my blog has shifted alot from how it first started but I'm still grateful for all of you who continue to read about the random and weird things that happen in my life.

Here's a Pusheen new year greetings to you guys:

Too cute!

For my readers who are more into anime/Vocaloids or simply enjoy some eye candy, I found this picture on my Facebook just recently:

Kaito looks bishie as hell here, so does Len

This year was the first time I actually spent my new year's day with people outaside my family. Usually we just watch the countdown on TV then head to bed, nothing fancy or special, but I was invited to my friend's party and it was too enjoyable for me to bear to leave, so I wound up spending the night over and ushering the new year surrounded by lots of laughter, craziness and general merry-making.

Stole this picture from a friend haha. Can't remember what we were cheering for but whatever,,, it was fun

Picure of most of the people who attended the party... minus the birthday boy and some friends as they had gone bowling :( If you're wondering where I am, I'm the one in the red shirt with a gold pin in my fringe looking awful as hell after a day of work and sans makeup. Don't judge!

It was certainly entertaining to be surrounded by hyperactive people flinging each other around and just laughing till my throat felt so sore. It was especially nice that everyone at the party was connected to cosplay in one way or another be it doing photography or a cosplayer.

I used to wonder if I was doing the right thing giving up gyaru fashion to cosplay but as the years go by and as I meet people and become friends with them, I've come to realise that cosplay is one aspect of my life I have no regrets about. I've never met a truer bunch of people who welcome others with open arms, of course there'll always be politics, bickering and gossip but it's one part of my life that refreshes my soul and always cheers me up no matter how much I suffer for it.

Oh gosh a light post ended up with me pouring my soul out damn! Sorry for digressing, so my dear readers, I just wanna wish you guys again a happy new year and hope lots of luck comes your way.

How did you celebrate New Year's day?

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