Friday, January 18, 2013

My Makeup Bags (Work Bag, Fun Bag & Cosplay Bag)

My makeup bags are constant companions that I make sure to bring along with me where ever I go. They're the main reasons why I can never simply carry a tiny purse that can only contain a credit card and some cash, I use bags that are so big that I could probably fit an entire kitchen sink in nd most of the time, my makeup bags take up about 1/4 of the available space.

My makeup bags are split into 3 varying versions, depending on the activity of the day. I also tend to pack them the day before or after I've applied my makeup, just to ensure that my lashes don't end up flying off or to touch up my lip gloss and stuff. So Let's take a closer look at them:     

This ws my old makeup bag which I got from the Cher brand mook bout 2 years back. It's certainly been through alot as the colour was a much brighter blue, the inner lining is also starting to tear, so I knew it was time to move onto another bag  

This is the fun/play bag, tthe one I take out when I'm shopping and stuff. The bag is Cecil Mcbee and it usually contains things to simply touch up for the day:
lash case with glue (case from Muji)
Gatsby oil absorbant facial wipes
Lip gloss (current favourite is from Elf brand)
Lipstick (current favourite is this limited edition shade from Anna Sui)
Palgangtong Loose powder
Pocket mirror (Gift from Steph from the Egg Store in Japan)
This is my Marc by Marc Jacobs work bag, which usually contains my entire kit for my basic neutral makeup as I've overslept a few times and had to apply my makeup on the run. This bag is good to simply grab and go and I can apply everything within 10 minutes flat. This bag usually contains:
Covermark cream concealer
Gatsby oil absorbant facial paper
Cezanne powder foundation
Sephora highlighter/under-eye concealer
Kate brow mascara
Heroine Make Impact frame & Curl mascara
Sana Super Quick eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Blood On lip & cheek tint
Korres lip balm stick
Elf lipgloss
Palgangtong loose powder
Mini Burberry Brit perfume
makeup remover stick (was a non branded $2 lucky find)
Pocket mirror from Egg Store

My last makeup bag or should I say bags, are these Anna Sui bags that contain everything I could possibly need for my cosplay. The larger bag is A4 in size so it's pretty roomy

The smaller bag usually contains my base items like primer, foundation and stuff. I try not to bring it along to minimise the amount of stuff I bring to events or shoots but sometimes I wind up short on time to apply my base makeup. The larger bag contains everything I will need for the cosplay look for the day including bronzer, highlighter, eyelid tape, an assortment of eyeshadows that change depending on the character I'm doing and an assortment of makeup brushes. I also make sure I bring along my handy Franc franc mirror and sandwich it between the bag to make sure it doesn't break during transportation.

 As you can see, I try to minimise the amount of things I bring along with the exception of my cosplay bag. From the above pictures, you could probably see what are my current makeup essentials haha.


On a personal note, I've quit my job. I won't go into details as there were a variety of reasons that made me choose to leave, but as people say, when one door closes another opens. So I'm looking forward to moving onto bigger and brighter things in my life. I feel like 2013 is a year of change for me, so far I'm trying to maintain my happy notes jar (I put in little notes of what things that made me happy on a daily basis) and now I'm trying The Secret method of reaffirmation and telling the Universe what I want by writing it 10 times a day. I know it sounds bit out there but there's no harm trying and I find it useful in reminding myself on what is my current goal.

So let's just see where life takes me 

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