Monday, January 14, 2013

Recent Cosplay Shoot

On Sunday, Esther, Mini, Selicia, Steph and I all had a cosplay photoshoot at a studio which we booked for the entire day. The studio was massive so it was easy for us to shoot multiple series all at the same time without really needing to fight for space.

(Stole this pic from Steph LOL) A background shot of the photogrpahers testing out the equipment and Selicia happily doing her makeup haha

Steph and I had planned for months to cosplay Nana, such an oldie but a goodie.
The resulting look! I used my own hair for the shoot as my colour was suitable for Nana Komatsu, also affectionately known as Hachi, or like many people like to call her, the dumb Nana LOL. Steph looked amazing as Nana Osaki!!! 
It was quite a relaxing shoot as the series didn't require complicated poses. One of the photographers even told us to simply chit chat while he snapped us as our natural selves, which I think suited our cosplay just fine as our personality are kinda similar to our respective characters. I'm just not as dumb and naive as Hachi.... at least I hope not.... O_O

Eventually, Steph had to leave due to family reasons and I changed out into another cosplay, just as Esther, Mini and Selicia were halfway through with their Amnesia shoot. My second cosplay for the day was Matryoshka, Zebra and Hashiyan version, I cosplayed Hashiyan. Do check out the video:

The song is pretty much meaningless though the rhythm is quite catchy in its own zany way. Esther and I had previously done a night shoot for it last week but we thought we could do crazier poses at the studio. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we didn't manage to though we did get some good shots.

Esther looks really good as Zebra. Cosplaying Hashiyan is also my first time actually crossplaying a proper guy, Alois and Ciel don't count as I was cosplaying Ciel crossdressed as a girl (confused much? LOL) and Alois looks so boyish he's almost feminine.
Mini looking hot as a character from the series Kuroko no Basket, I forgot which as I don't follow the series. I shall be envious of her fantastic jawline for life

Selicia also cosplaying another character from Kuroko no Basket. She looks sooo bishie.

There was also an entire chalk board wall in the studio which makes it a pretty nice backdrop for many series as you can easily draw alot of things on it. We didn't get to use it in pictures this time as it didn't suit any of the series that we had cosplayed that day, but we had fun drawing all sorts of things on it through the day.

The "=3" drawing was already there when we entered the studio but the rest were drawn by us. Steph drew the pink "NA" letters as we had the idea to shoot against it but it was rather tiring to draw such large letters, she later drew the cat and Vivienne Westwood orb for fun haha. The other drawings are inside jokes LOL

Unfortunately, the left side of my face was bit swollen and puffy all day due to my wisdom tooth. I'll probably have the dentist take a look at it soon as its causing me a shit load of pain and I can't really chew properly now, even drinking bubble tea today was horrible as I coudn't chew the pearls.

I'll be unemployed for awhile pretty soon due to various reasons, so hopefully that'll give me more time to update my blog at s faster rate then currently. In the mean time, I'll try to post whenever I can so thanks my dear readers, for being so patient with my inconsistent posting.