Thursday, January 24, 2013

Personal Outfit (Finding Myself Again)

Today was the first day in ages that I was able to dress up how I wanted to, do makeup and style my hair. It had been months since I last got the chance to do so as I had been so stressed out from my previous work that the thought of even bothering to dress up to go out felt like it took as much effort as running a marathon.

It's been pretty chilly in Singapore lately so it was the perfect excuse to dress in a more autumn inspired outfit:

Hat: Lips Enterprise
Cardigan worn as top: mystic
Shorts & belt: Spiral Girl
Stockings: Can't remember
Bag: Esprit 

Didn't feel like going all out gyaru for a simple date but I did contour my face and wear my most basic top lashes

Lately I've been getting the urge to dress in a looser, more relaxed, earthier style. I just don't feel like bothering with heavy lashes and short, sexy outfits right now, perhaps I'm growing out of the look or its just a phase but whatever it is, I feel quite at peace with it.
Picked up a copy of Used Mix today. I like the relaxed silhouettes, simple makeup and sweet hairstyles.

Now that I've got the time, I've been going through my backlog of anime and my current obsession is this anime called Natsume Yuujinchou or Natsume and the Book of Friends.  

The story is light and heart warming despite dealing with some pretty heart wrenching issues. The anime uses a very soft, muted colour palette so its quite easy on the eyes too. I've powered through the first 3 seasons and about to start the 4th and final season, gonna be quite sad when it's over. The last time I felt so peaceful while watching an anime was probably the Nodame Cantabile series.

My most recent obsession has been following Lomo photography on Instagram. I'm not sure what exactly it's called but the primary focus tends to revolve around food, flowers, wooden furniture and tableware, scenery etc. Here's a couple of examples:

Pics taken from Instagram

Looking at these kinds of pictures just seem so peaceful and heart warming, and perhaps they're the reason why I want to dress in looser styles lately, since the majority of these people tend to wear clothes that are relaxed with an earthy tone. I've also been drinking alot of brewed tea recently, probably due to their influence too haha.

This year is truly a change for me, I got out of a situation that was draining me mentally and emotionally, causing me to develop a rather bad temper which caused me to lash out at people I love over stupid reasons. It took alot of courage to decide to stand up and walk away but I'm glad I did, the sense of empowerment and peace is something I've never felt before. 

I'm also finding little things to be happy with instead of constantly nit picking at things I cannot change. I'm again learning to take delight in very basic things such as drinking hot tea on a cold, rainy day, listening to french music whilst walking down a shady path, watching animals go about their business and reading, oh how I've missed reading. Of course, things will eventually change but for now, I'm just enjoying this simple happiness and peace that I haven't felt in my heart for so long.  


  1. How fabulous do you look? I always love your coordinates! You do casual so well without it looking too relaxed. Those shorts were made for you ♥

    1. Aww thanks Mitsu! I do adore these shorts very much ahaha!!

  2. I support your decision! I think it'll really suit you and you'll look even lovelier. ^^

  3. Thanks ursie! Perhaps it suits me better then the other styles I've experimented with haha, I dunno, we'll see