Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dangan Ronpa Shoot

Within the first 2 weeks of the year, I had 2 cosplay shoots. My first shoot was actually of Hime from Zone 00 as I wanted to return the costume and wig to Esther as soon as possible. My next shoot was the group shoot of Dangan Ronpa, unfortunately, most not all of the team were ready so we made do with a few missing members.

We had our shoot at one of the few abandoned locations in Singapore, so it was really dirty and run down but perfect for the look that we were going for.

Recosplaying Sayaka as the group already had a Junko

Friends and helpers that day. I met some new people and got to catch up with old friends, though I didn't manage to take pictures with all the helpers that were present. They did and invaluable job helping to move things around and holding things up for pictures.
Some of the group memebers getting ready, others were exploring the place or getting shots taken. 

Amos and Daisy playing around 

Guys being guys and doing all kinds of random crazy things once again
The 2 things that were made the most fun of during the shooting process, Sakura's "boobs" and Oowada's "hair"

Baguette!!! Nomnomnomnom
In case you were wondering, our Sakura is biologically male and a bodybuilder, which explains his physique. 

Also explains his strength hahaha
Derping around with Byakuya who was playing with another cosplayer's skirt

There were 3 photographers with us that day so it resulted in a myriad of styles consisting of each photographer's interpretation of the characters. I haven't received the ones from Rescend yet as he shot on film but I did get these few:
By Fox Foo, we explored the location and found this "Tainted Memories" graffiti in a room. It was the perfect opportunity to explore Sayaka's desperation and change from a sweet young pop idol to becoming the first character to commit a murder in the entire series.
Also by Fox Foo, this was to show the protective relationship between Naegi and Sayaka

Group shot by Fox Foo

Group shot by Archie Kwa of Fringe & Film Photography

After all the group shots and solo shots had been done, Archie worked with us to recreate the famous deaths scenes in the game. It took considerable effort to get the posing done right and the "blood" got everywhere! We couldn't have done it without the massive load of help we got from the assistants that day.

I haven't gotten my picture of my death scene yet but here's one of Sakura. "Her" expression was captured perfectly:

Shall end this post with a super silly picture of me:

Literal "ovaries explosion" moment that I should think most fan girls have at the sight of their fictional crush 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014 Day 2

Day 2 of Comic Fiesta was another simple cosplay, this time as Super High School Level Idol, Maizono Sayaka from the game/anime Dangan Ronpa.

After the excitement and chaos of the first day, I was ready to find friends and truly explore the artists booths for artworks.

Camwhore! With Esther in the background hahaha. I had forgotten to take a full length pic though

Lawliet doing a fanart Lolita version of Levi from Shingeki

Playing around with her partner En Qi, who was cosplaying Eren.

Fuwa did this amazing gijinka version of My Little Pony's Nightmare Moon.

Check out the details!! And those cute wings!

Found this sweet couple decked out in Steampunk attire and gear

After the event, we hung out abit with some of the Malaysian cosplayers. It was fun to finally see them again and to finally meet them in their home turf instead of vice versa.
Kidnapped and bullied Gabby's cute dolphin plushie during the day. We later stuffed it into a hole in his backpack.

Had a party in a friend's hotel room and a new friend drew this adorable cat on my cup to help differentiate it from the others.
Had breakfast in bed with some yummy room service breakfast on the last morning of my trip. 

Old friends and new! Its always nice meeting new people with similar interests at events.
Took a night flight home. It was a short but fun trip

I did quite abit of shopping during the trip, these are just the clothes I bought there. I also bought a necklace and 2 kimono print butterfly hair clips during the event. You can find pictures of them in my Instagram. The most expensive of the lot is definitely the Guilty Crown shirt which I bought at the official Redjuice booth at the event. It's my first official anime series shirt (besides my other Uniqlo collaboration versions) and when I was purchasing it, one of the Japanese minders at the booth said he liked my cosplay of Hime and took a picture of me. It was rather flattering.

I hope to be able to go back to Comic Fiesta again this year, possibly with more dramatic cosplays, however, I am trying to save money for a trip to Japan too. We'll see when the time comes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comic Fiesta Day 1 & Exploring KL

I'm finally getting round to blogging bout my first ever event overseas!! I was finally able to attend the Comic Fiesta event held late last year and it was certainly a real eye-opening experience for me.

Waiting to board the plane with Mini and Esther

Fluffy clouds on our way to Kuala Lumpur

We had about a day and half of free time to be tourists so I spent most of it wandering around and shopping to my heart's content.

Huge window display promoting the Comic Fiesta event by Kinokuniya

I went back to the same shop where I previously had my nails done during my trip with Steph. I did gel extensions once more but with colourful stripe designs.

Due to some costume problems, I was forced to change my plans for Comic Fiesta, but it turned out for the better as I was able to pack simpler costumes that gave me the freedom to wander around and enjoy the event instead of having to deal with troublesome and constricting clothes or accessories.

Cosplayed as Hime from the series, Zone-00

Had to do really intense eye makeup for her, it's probably the heaviest eye makeup I've ever done out of all the characters I've cosplayed thus far

The costume isn't very flattering so I had to whip out the spandex to help with my jelly tummy and thighs.

Met plenty of familiar faces during the event

Always great to meet friends once more

There were many amazing cosplayers throughout the 2 days of event. These are some of my favourites: 

I had mistakenly assumed that they were dressed as some cyber goth/punk style but it turned out to be their interpretation of Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter! Too cool!

Genderbend Edward Scissorhands! One of my favourite childhood movies brought to life in the most spectacular manner

Met half of the Daft Punk duo and his friend. I had found the other half wandering around much later, but his picture seems to have disappeared from my phone somehow.

Shall end this post with a really cute picture of Tessie, Shang and Kitska cosplaying as the childhood trio from Shingeki no Kyojin

Will continue on another post bout the second day of the event soon, but it was really a fun experience for me. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Metal's Concert

Hey guys! I am so so very sorry about how waaay behind I am with my posts!! I have a tonne of things to write about as I've been keeping myself rather busy lately. 

Work's been rather tiring and to destress I end up packing my weekends with activities and despite recovering mentally, I wind up physically exhausted to do much else and the cycle continues. So kinda realised that I need to scale back abit and take some time off.

Anyway, I'll be writing bout the Baby Metal concert I attended late last year!

The band consists of 3 young girls who head bang to metal despite their outwardly cute appearance

At the concert venue. I hardly ever attend concerts but Steph managed to score free tickets so I figured why not?

The stage light show were pretty amazing that night

Video they showed midway through the concert. If you look closely, it's actually Singapore's Merlion and Marina Bay Sands structures hahahaah!! Steph and I were incredibly amused by it.

The concert was pretty short and I understand why, because the girl are fairly young so they don't necessarily have the energy and stamina to head bang and dance and jump around non stop, though they did give it their all during their performances. Their energy really roused the crowd and I quite admire them for being so into their performance. 

It was generally an interesting concert. I hardly listen to metal but my dad does so I knew what to expect, however I found it kinda jarring to listen to the metal music only to suddenly hear screams of "aishiteru" and "kawaii" in the typical cutesy Japanese manner. It was quite unnerving for me, maybe because I'm not used to their style. 

I was also quite upset with this group that started to violently mosh, I mean I understand the whole moshing thing at concerts, but these were the kinds of people who didn't do it with respect and just randomly hurled themselves at others. It was especially dangerous considering one guy had on a vest with at least two dozen or so metal studs and they were the sharp not rounded kinds of studs. I wanted to punch them when they kept banging into me and laughing at me, though luckily Steph quickly stepped in and dragged me to safety. Wouldn't have been cool if I did aim a punch at them.

Selca with my sister from another mother

Finally got to dress up Rokku gyaru style after so long! I was fretting bout how I was gonna style my hair, so the goggles came to the rescue!!

Inner Zip Camisole: Tutuha
Red off shoulder top: Tutuha
Ripped jeans: GoJane
Tattoo choker: Taobao
Spiked bracelet: Forever21
Rose chain link bracelet: Thrift store
Boots: Git from Blacklash

I really have so many things to update you guys about, so I hope I can finish writing my posts soon! In the mean time, hope you're enjoying 2014 and perhaps consider giving Baby Metal's music a whirl.