Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comic Fiesta Day 1 & Exploring KL

I'm finally getting round to blogging bout my first ever event overseas!! I was finally able to attend the Comic Fiesta event held late last year and it was certainly a real eye-opening experience for me.

Waiting to board the plane with Mini and Esther

Fluffy clouds on our way to Kuala Lumpur

We had about a day and half of free time to be tourists so I spent most of it wandering around and shopping to my heart's content.

Huge window display promoting the Comic Fiesta event by Kinokuniya

I went back to the same shop where I previously had my nails done during my trip with Steph. I did gel extensions once more but with colourful stripe designs.

Due to some costume problems, I was forced to change my plans for Comic Fiesta, but it turned out for the better as I was able to pack simpler costumes that gave me the freedom to wander around and enjoy the event instead of having to deal with troublesome and constricting clothes or accessories.

Cosplayed as Hime from the series, Zone-00

Had to do really intense eye makeup for her, it's probably the heaviest eye makeup I've ever done out of all the characters I've cosplayed thus far

The costume isn't very flattering so I had to whip out the spandex to help with my jelly tummy and thighs.

Met plenty of familiar faces during the event

Always great to meet friends once more

There were many amazing cosplayers throughout the 2 days of event. These are some of my favourites: 

I had mistakenly assumed that they were dressed as some cyber goth/punk style but it turned out to be their interpretation of Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter! Too cool!

Genderbend Edward Scissorhands! One of my favourite childhood movies brought to life in the most spectacular manner

Met half of the Daft Punk duo and his friend. I had found the other half wandering around much later, but his picture seems to have disappeared from my phone somehow.

Shall end this post with a really cute picture of Tessie, Shang and Kitska cosplaying as the childhood trio from Shingeki no Kyojin

Will continue on another post bout the second day of the event soon, but it was really a fun experience for me. 

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