Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Metal's Concert

Hey guys! I am so so very sorry about how waaay behind I am with my posts!! I have a tonne of things to write about as I've been keeping myself rather busy lately. 

Work's been rather tiring and to destress I end up packing my weekends with activities and despite recovering mentally, I wind up physically exhausted to do much else and the cycle continues. So kinda realised that I need to scale back abit and take some time off.

Anyway, I'll be writing bout the Baby Metal concert I attended late last year!

The band consists of 3 young girls who head bang to metal despite their outwardly cute appearance

At the concert venue. I hardly ever attend concerts but Steph managed to score free tickets so I figured why not?

The stage light show were pretty amazing that night

Video they showed midway through the concert. If you look closely, it's actually Singapore's Merlion and Marina Bay Sands structures hahahaah!! Steph and I were incredibly amused by it.

The concert was pretty short and I understand why, because the girl are fairly young so they don't necessarily have the energy and stamina to head bang and dance and jump around non stop, though they did give it their all during their performances. Their energy really roused the crowd and I quite admire them for being so into their performance. 

It was generally an interesting concert. I hardly listen to metal but my dad does so I knew what to expect, however I found it kinda jarring to listen to the metal music only to suddenly hear screams of "aishiteru" and "kawaii" in the typical cutesy Japanese manner. It was quite unnerving for me, maybe because I'm not used to their style. 

I was also quite upset with this group that started to violently mosh, I mean I understand the whole moshing thing at concerts, but these were the kinds of people who didn't do it with respect and just randomly hurled themselves at others. It was especially dangerous considering one guy had on a vest with at least two dozen or so metal studs and they were the sharp not rounded kinds of studs. I wanted to punch them when they kept banging into me and laughing at me, though luckily Steph quickly stepped in and dragged me to safety. Wouldn't have been cool if I did aim a punch at them.

Selca with my sister from another mother

Finally got to dress up Rokku gyaru style after so long! I was fretting bout how I was gonna style my hair, so the goggles came to the rescue!!

Inner Zip Camisole: Tutuha
Red off shoulder top: Tutuha
Ripped jeans: GoJane
Tattoo choker: Taobao
Spiked bracelet: Forever21
Rose chain link bracelet: Thrift store
Boots: Git from Blacklash

I really have so many things to update you guys about, so I hope I can finish writing my posts soon! In the mean time, hope you're enjoying 2014 and perhaps consider giving Baby Metal's music a whirl.

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