Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014 Day 2

Day 2 of Comic Fiesta was another simple cosplay, this time as Super High School Level Idol, Maizono Sayaka from the game/anime Dangan Ronpa.

After the excitement and chaos of the first day, I was ready to find friends and truly explore the artists booths for artworks.

Camwhore! With Esther in the background hahaha. I had forgotten to take a full length pic though

Lawliet doing a fanart Lolita version of Levi from Shingeki

Playing around with her partner En Qi, who was cosplaying Eren.

Fuwa did this amazing gijinka version of My Little Pony's Nightmare Moon.

Check out the details!! And those cute wings!

Found this sweet couple decked out in Steampunk attire and gear

After the event, we hung out abit with some of the Malaysian cosplayers. It was fun to finally see them again and to finally meet them in their home turf instead of vice versa.
Kidnapped and bullied Gabby's cute dolphin plushie during the day. We later stuffed it into a hole in his backpack.

Had a party in a friend's hotel room and a new friend drew this adorable cat on my cup to help differentiate it from the others.
Had breakfast in bed with some yummy room service breakfast on the last morning of my trip. 

Old friends and new! Its always nice meeting new people with similar interests at events.
Took a night flight home. It was a short but fun trip

I did quite abit of shopping during the trip, these are just the clothes I bought there. I also bought a necklace and 2 kimono print butterfly hair clips during the event. You can find pictures of them in my Instagram. The most expensive of the lot is definitely the Guilty Crown shirt which I bought at the official Redjuice booth at the event. It's my first official anime series shirt (besides my other Uniqlo collaboration versions) and when I was purchasing it, one of the Japanese minders at the booth said he liked my cosplay of Hime and took a picture of me. It was rather flattering.

I hope to be able to go back to Comic Fiesta again this year, possibly with more dramatic cosplays, however, I am trying to save money for a trip to Japan too. We'll see when the time comes.

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