Sunday, July 29, 2012

Personal Outfit (Batman Rises)

I finally managed to catch the movie I'd been waiting so long for, which is The Dark Knight Rises!!! I shall not write about any spoilers about the movie though I must say it is a pretty good ending especially considering Christian Bale has already declared that he will no longer act as Batman. My only gripe was the new character's "real" name, its alittle too in your face and honestly pretty stupid, they could have at least introduced him as Tim (most likely option) or Jason or even Dick (if you're a batman fan, you'll know what I'm talking about) but noo....quite stupid in my opinion. Sorry I know I probably sound like I'm rambling crazy shit but if you watch the movie, you'll get what I'm talking about. 

Little tip, Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma) is currently displaying Batman, Catwoman & Bane's costume. I like Catwoman's costume alot, her mask doesn't scream Catwoman like Michelle Pfeiffer's or Halle Berry's but I like how her visors subtly suggest cat ears when pushed up. Perhaps I'm pretty interested in them considering the recent gyaru trend of cat ears, I even bought a pair of One Spo's cat ear hair band because I love the trend so much!

Oh goodness, only whilst writing this post this I realise that I had failed to take pictures of Bane's and Batman's costumes, ugh silly me! Anyway, if you happen to be in the area or just a major fan of Batman, do check out the displays of the costumes!!

I wore this outfit to watch the movie, it's been awhile since I did my hair and makeup nicely (not including the recent gyaru event):

Rose hair clip: random shop in Far East Plaza
Polka dotted top: Bonica dot
Skinny jeans: Uniqlo
Bag: Moschino
Shoes: Emoda
Belt: borrowed from Mom

This is my third time wearing the Emoda shoes out and boy do they give me a height boost!! They are incredibly comfortable and I've yet to get a blister from wearing them, though I do have to warn you about not being able to feel the ground due to the high platform front. I actually took a tumble yesterday as I couldn't feel the slight difference in height along a pathway, I wasn't hurt just a little bruise to my left knee but I did scuff my beautiful babies abit. It still pains my heart whenever I look down and see the minor scuffs ;_; 

here's a narcisstic camwhore shot of me, I just curled my hair alittle bit but didn't apply hairspray and I wore my blush slightly differently and reduced my eyeliner but I doubt anyone can tell the difference haha.

My project presentation is due next week so wish me luck!! I hope to do well in it and if all goes well, I'll be graduating from University pretty soon. I'm hoping to go on a short graduation trip with my friends but we're still discussing the details so only time will tell, but in the meantime, I'm just enjoying my potentially last few weeks of being a student.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Once again, I'm writing a rather late post as my brain has been wrung dry due to project work. I celebrated my birthday last Sunday with the bf, by going to the Harry Potter Exhibition.

Our Tickets. I also got the audio guide which I highly recommend as they go into greater detail regarding all the hardwork that went into the sets and props for the Harry Potter movies. 
The first thing that greeted us after exiting the lift was Weasley's magical car, suspended from the ceiling to give the impression of being in flight. Too bad photography wasn't allowed in the rest of the exhibition, there were so many things I would like to scrutinise in greater detail.

After the tour, the bf and I bought some souvenirs:

Chocolate frogs!!! This one came with a Madam Hooch card, I've also gotten a Professor Flitwick card. I've still got a few more frogs in the fridge so I'll probably munch on them soon

My beautiful RavenClaw Pen, it's an additional birthday gift from the bf. The pen works but the Ravn motif on the top makes balancing it for writing pretty awkward, I'd recommend getting the Slytherin pen if you prefer function over form as it isn't as unwieldy
And my favourite gift for the day from the bf again, a wand!!! I'd been regretting not getting a wand since I last went to Warner Bros. Studios in Australia many years back, they were selling wands out of a bucket back then. Getting a wand was the top of my must-get souvenir list so the Bf let me choose one. I chose Ginny's not because I'm a fan of the character but rather I found her wand the nicest to look at & hold, the others were either not as elegant looking or felt weird when I held them.

After the exhibition, the bf and I were absolutely famished. We wound up having brunch at TWG

My Smoky Earl Grey tea & the bf's green tea. I'm kinda disappointed in their early grey tea, the bergamot oil wasn't rich enough and the flavours were rather lacklustre. I had initially ordered the Silver moon tea that I had gotten during my previous visit but was informed that the day's stocks were sold out, so I changed my order to this sad excuse of an earl grey tea. 
My roasted Guinea Fowl. It was my first ever taste of guinea fowl as the bird is rather hard to come by in my country, I wouldn't say it was anything special, just like chicken but with a slight game-y taste. The meat was also alittle tougher and darker then regular chicken. The dish was pretty yummy though.

 The bf had Foie gras terrine with salad. It was soo rich but too delicious to resist and the buttered bread that accompanied the terrine was so good on it's own. The only thing is that it is seriously fatty, notice the yellow edges around it? That's all fat LOL!! But still worth every calorie!

I know I'm being unfair by only posting Steph's amazing birthday gift but there's too many little gifts to fit into a picture. I received some skincare stuffs like masks from Jems and a Sisley bag from my mom as well as alittle money from my dad, my sis gave a book which I've been wanting to read and many other gifts here and there. Of course Steph surprised me the most with this pair of fabulous Emoda square toe heels, she got a pair for herself too so we're trying to come up with more twinspo outfits.   

Bonus picture, the Bf and I had noticed alot of funny looking benches as we were walking around but this one takes the cake! I had to scramble up the sides in order to sit right at the top, but the view behind makes up for it. It was only after this picture was taken did I realise how strategically placed this bench was. Yea, I look rather plain, wasn't super dressed up that day as I was feeling bit lazy.

I just wanna thank everyone for making my birthday so special and doing so much for me. I won't be the person I am without you guys, and though I know most of my friends don't read my blog, I still just wanna say thank you and I love you guys so so much! Lots of hugs & kisses all around! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shibuya Gals (First Ever Gyaru Meetup)

Mandom Corp. The people behind Tsubasa's Dollywink line and other great beauty and hairstyling products organized the first ever gyaru meet up session last Saturday.

The event was led by nine gyaru senseis who had been chosen to do makeovers on their "students". Fabulous Steph was one of the senseis so I joined the event to support her, and due to some issues, I also winded up as her student to showcase her makeover skills hahaha.  

Steph, event organizer Yun Wen, Hana and I posing for a picture before the start of the event. I had to go to the event without my makeup for the makeover so my eyes look really small in this picture :/

Steph doing makeup on me. I'm pretty glad that I became her student for the event as her makeup style is pretty different from mine so it was fun trying out a new style and seeing how different I look as compared to my usual style.

The many people who turned up for the event 

 After the makeover. Steph used grey eyeshadow on me and stacked 2 Dollywink lashes and glued them above my natural lashline. However the lashes aren't really visible in the pic as the ones mostly available were from the Otome series, so they're geared more towards natural makeup. She also used orange blush & nude lipgloss on me, I haven't used those cosmetics in months!!!

 Camwhored with some other gyaru girls at the event. The one the left is Denise aka Cutepetz who was also a gyaru sensei, while the other girl on the right pic is Cammie. They are also both members of the local gyaru circle, Sparkling Cottoncandy and Denise is in fact one of the founders. Funny thing is that all three of us are also cosplayers hahaha.

 A lovely picture of the gyaru senseis, isn't it nice to see a variety of gyaru styles all at the same time?

 A picture of all the participants of the event

Here's a better look at the outfit I wore for the event, I decided to wear a more rokku style outfit to showcase a different gyaru style as I know most local girls tend to prefer the more floral and hime style.
Inner Zip Camisole: Tutuha
Red Top: Tutuha
PVC Shorts: Stolen from my Freya cosplay outfit  (LOL!!)
Stockings: Can't remember
Boots: Taobao (I tossed them after that day as the sole fell off, good bye my dear boots, you had served me well)
Necklace: Lip Service
Rings: Rubi & random blogshop
Bracelet: Taobao
Cap: Taobao
Wig: Prisila (my hair colour is pretty messed up currently)

There was a lucky draw consisting of individualised makeup pouches designed by the nine gyaru senseis, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get one, but the organizers did give me a little goodie bag. I received a tray of Decorative lower lashes, a tube of Dollywink lash glue and a Candydoll nail polish all neatly packaged in a cute pink polka dotted paper bag

I think my outfit is rather over the top but I was feeling incredibly deprived of dressing up in full gyaru so I went all out with it. I need to lose alittle more weight so that the Tutuha top fits better but I'm glad that my exercise regime is showing some results as the zip camisole isn't as form-fitting as the last time I wore it, so I shall be using these clothes as gauges in my weight loss! 

The event was pretty fun as I managed to meetup with some old friends as well as meeting new ones, I'm just alittle sad that not many people are as keen to try other gyaru styles such as rokku or onee gyaru let alone ones that are more out there such as ora-ora, but baby steps I guess. It's still nice to see more people embracing this style and more people turning up for events as time goes on. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Personal Outfit (Spiderman & Anti-depressants)

Last weekend has been a flurry of activity and chaos as alot of things happened and for the past 3 days I've just been running around meeting up with various people. It's bit tiring but fun nonetheless so I have some catching up to do with my blogposts as I recollect all that has happened.

Early last week, due to some personal reasons, I got myself into a funk and got all weepy and depressed and started tweeting some rather depressive and morbid stuff. The bf figured it would be a good idea for me to get out of the house for abit so we ended up watching the new Spiderman movie. 

 I decided to wear something with floral prints to cheer myself up abit
Rose hair clip: Random shop in Far East Plaza
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Shirt: Uniqlo
Skirt: Nichii
Heels: Charles & Keith
Bag: Random shop in bugis street
Ring & Bracelets: Rubi

Bought this YSL-inspired ring from Rubi for an incredible steal recently, the original price tag listed it at round $12 but due to clearance sales I got it for only $2!! Best part is that I've been lusting after YSL's Arty ring since like forever but been too hesitant to spend that much on it so this inspired version is a nice alternative until I am willing to cough up the dough for the real deal.

The Spiderman movie was great, I'm loving this new actor, Andrew Garfield, so much more then Tobey Maguire (sorry Toby) as Spiderman. He's cute and dorky but not nerdy to the point that he's literally at the bottom of the high school social chain. Not to mention, I'm really glad that they decided to explore his relationship with Gwen Stacy instead of always throwing Spidey with Mary-Jane Watson, it's so sad that most people have forgotten Gwen's existence so hopefully this movie will pique people's curiousity about her short lifetime in comic book history. It's also nice to see their relationship develop over a common interest in science stuff, somehow Mary-Jane seems bit bimbo-ish at times, I mean I know she's supposed to be the "hot" girlfriend for Spidey and all but girl needs alittle more synapse in her brain.

Anyway, I'll be updating soon about the recent gyaru event once I get the pictures and my birthday celebration on Sunday, so I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cosfest Recap!

This was the most fun event I've ever had since I started cosplaying, not only was I part of an amazing team, but I also stayed at the same chalet with many incredible cosplayers and thanks to them, was introduced to other cosplayers whom I thought I would never get the chance to meet and simply idolise from afar.

Thanks to a friend, Esther and I bunked with 17 other people in a chalet. It wasn't as tight a squeeze as I thought it would be as people were constantly coming and going throughout the weekend and the chalet was huge! It was like an apartment minus a stove for cooking, but we got round that problem by having someone bring over a portable stove. The entire chalet also had a hotpot dinner on our last night together so there was alot of bonding over food and laughter.

For day 1, bout half the people in the chalet were in the same team, we all cosplayed Final Fantasy Type-0 together (the English version of the game isn't available yet), so there were 14 of us in total moving around the area carrying large weapons and poking people whenever they got in our way. We were also filmed for a TV show or something, so once the video is up, I'll definitely post it in this blog. The only complaint I have bout day 1 was my wig had a heavy plaid at the back, causing my wig to slowly move backwards and thus alot of my natural hair started showing through the bangs. I'll be fixing it so that I'll do a better cosplay of Cinque next time. 
 Here's a fun shot of us, can you spot me?

 The very next day, our pictures were up on this blog! Thanks so much for considering us the best team cosplay! 

 Our array of weapons from all 14 of us in the team (oh wait, minus Mini's as hers are boxing gloves). We could easily rob a bank if those were real weapons.

Day 2 was alot easier as I cosplayed Alois Trancy, not many pictures of me were taken that day as I spotted 2 other dopplegangers but it didn't matter as I was free to run around and meet friends as well as helping a friend in an armour cosplay.

 Remember my friend Daisy, who cosplayed as my Claude the first time as well as my male prop for my Just Be Friends shoot? He cosplayed as Don Flamingo from One Piece, it was so fun hugging his lovely furry pink coat which he even filled with stuffing to make it look even thicker.

 The inner fangirl in me was screaming with delight when 2 of these amazing Trinity Blood cosplayers came to my chalet to drop their belongings off! I was so intoxicated by the detailing and materials that they used for their costumes and only after talking to them did I realise that they were the cosplayers that I had admired since I first started cosplaying! Can you imagine that all of their costumes were individually hand-sewn and pain-stakingly put together from fabric sourced from all over the world?!! Queen Esther's dress cost about $700++ from raw materials alone!!!

 This cosplayer came from China to participate in the Asia Cosplay Summit, and can you believe that the cosplayer is actually a MAN? Yes, that's a dude! He and a team took part in the group category the next day but I haven't gotten pictures of his performance then yet. Esther and I were saying we might as well off ourselves considering a dude could look so much prettier then us

 We were also really lucky to be able to snap take picture with the guest cosplayer from Japan, the fabulous Arikawa Reika (or just Reika). Isn't she just drool-worthy in her cosplay of Barnaby from the series Tiger & Bunny? 

 Mini also took a picture of Reika's accompanying Tiger cosplayer. Check out the muscles on his arms!! Definitely one of the best Tiger cosplayers I've seen

 On the second day, Esther and I happened to be at the right place at the right time when we spotted Reika walking out of the location for a quick outdoor shoot. Naturally, us rabid fans started stalking her and I managed to sneak a few shots of her as she posed for the photographer. Here, she's cosplaying as Jinguji Ren from the Uta Prince series.

I'll end the post off with a couple of funny pics:

Alittle something for Sherlockians, spotted this when I was looking at the sketch board

Here's photographic evidence that Esther and I are sisters seperated at birth hahaha!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Off to Cosfest!!!

I'll be heading off tomorrow for yet another cosplay event, this time it's the amazing Cosfest! As always, most of the stuff I'm bringing are actually parts of my costume and I'll be living out of the much smaller blue Longchamp bag in the corner. Sleeping bags are for Esther and I as we'll be squeezing with 15 other people within a chalet, gosh I hope we don't wind up like sardines in a can! The amazing mace (its too big to even fit in this pic!) was made from scratch by my equally amazing bf, the details in real life are so much more awesome, he does prop-making commissions so if you need a prop made just drop me a comment and I'll link you with him! ;)

 This is my coscard for this event, I usually try to bring different coscards for different events. I'll be printing more tomorrow and stamping my name in old chinese at the back to add a personal touch, don't hesitate to ask for one if you spot me!

My cosplay for day 1 will be the lovely Cinque from the game Final Fantasy Type-0, I'll be with a full team so it should be easy to spot us from afar considering we're all carrying weapons and probably poking at people who get too close to us hahaha

I decided to cosplay something easier for day 2, so I'll be re-cosplaying my favourite shota, Alois Trancy! It's always fun to cosplay him since you'll be totally in character if you start annoying other people hahaha, it might also be my last time cosplaying him as someone will be buying my costume after Cosfest so might as well have as much fun being a spoilt, annoying brat while I still can!

If you're coming to the event just say hi if you spot me., I love meeting new people but if you're not able to come, fret not, I'll upload pictures of the event when they're available. Till next time, see ya!!