Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Personal Outfit (Spiderman & Anti-depressants)

Last weekend has been a flurry of activity and chaos as alot of things happened and for the past 3 days I've just been running around meeting up with various people. It's bit tiring but fun nonetheless so I have some catching up to do with my blogposts as I recollect all that has happened.

Early last week, due to some personal reasons, I got myself into a funk and got all weepy and depressed and started tweeting some rather depressive and morbid stuff. The bf figured it would be a good idea for me to get out of the house for abit so we ended up watching the new Spiderman movie. 

 I decided to wear something with floral prints to cheer myself up abit
Rose hair clip: Random shop in Far East Plaza
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Shirt: Uniqlo
Skirt: Nichii
Heels: Charles & Keith
Bag: Random shop in bugis street
Ring & Bracelets: Rubi

Bought this YSL-inspired ring from Rubi for an incredible steal recently, the original price tag listed it at round $12 but due to clearance sales I got it for only $2!! Best part is that I've been lusting after YSL's Arty ring since like forever but been too hesitant to spend that much on it so this inspired version is a nice alternative until I am willing to cough up the dough for the real deal.

The Spiderman movie was great, I'm loving this new actor, Andrew Garfield, so much more then Tobey Maguire (sorry Toby) as Spiderman. He's cute and dorky but not nerdy to the point that he's literally at the bottom of the high school social chain. Not to mention, I'm really glad that they decided to explore his relationship with Gwen Stacy instead of always throwing Spidey with Mary-Jane Watson, it's so sad that most people have forgotten Gwen's existence so hopefully this movie will pique people's curiousity about her short lifetime in comic book history. It's also nice to see their relationship develop over a common interest in science stuff, somehow Mary-Jane seems bit bimbo-ish at times, I mean I know she's supposed to be the "hot" girlfriend for Spidey and all but girl needs alittle more synapse in her brain.

Anyway, I'll be updating soon about the recent gyaru event once I get the pictures and my birthday celebration on Sunday, so I'll be back soon!

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