Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cosfest Recap!

This was the most fun event I've ever had since I started cosplaying, not only was I part of an amazing team, but I also stayed at the same chalet with many incredible cosplayers and thanks to them, was introduced to other cosplayers whom I thought I would never get the chance to meet and simply idolise from afar.

Thanks to a friend, Esther and I bunked with 17 other people in a chalet. It wasn't as tight a squeeze as I thought it would be as people were constantly coming and going throughout the weekend and the chalet was huge! It was like an apartment minus a stove for cooking, but we got round that problem by having someone bring over a portable stove. The entire chalet also had a hotpot dinner on our last night together so there was alot of bonding over food and laughter.

For day 1, bout half the people in the chalet were in the same team, we all cosplayed Final Fantasy Type-0 together (the English version of the game isn't available yet), so there were 14 of us in total moving around the area carrying large weapons and poking people whenever they got in our way. We were also filmed for a TV show or something, so once the video is up, I'll definitely post it in this blog. The only complaint I have bout day 1 was my wig had a heavy plaid at the back, causing my wig to slowly move backwards and thus alot of my natural hair started showing through the bangs. I'll be fixing it so that I'll do a better cosplay of Cinque next time. 
 Here's a fun shot of us, can you spot me?

 The very next day, our pictures were up on this blog! Thanks so much for considering us the best team cosplay! 

 Our array of weapons from all 14 of us in the team (oh wait, minus Mini's as hers are boxing gloves). We could easily rob a bank if those were real weapons.

Day 2 was alot easier as I cosplayed Alois Trancy, not many pictures of me were taken that day as I spotted 2 other dopplegangers but it didn't matter as I was free to run around and meet friends as well as helping a friend in an armour cosplay.

 Remember my friend Daisy, who cosplayed as my Claude the first time as well as my male prop for my Just Be Friends shoot? He cosplayed as Don Flamingo from One Piece, it was so fun hugging his lovely furry pink coat which he even filled with stuffing to make it look even thicker.

 The inner fangirl in me was screaming with delight when 2 of these amazing Trinity Blood cosplayers came to my chalet to drop their belongings off! I was so intoxicated by the detailing and materials that they used for their costumes and only after talking to them did I realise that they were the cosplayers that I had admired since I first started cosplaying! Can you imagine that all of their costumes were individually hand-sewn and pain-stakingly put together from fabric sourced from all over the world?!! Queen Esther's dress cost about $700++ from raw materials alone!!!

 This cosplayer came from China to participate in the Asia Cosplay Summit, and can you believe that the cosplayer is actually a MAN? Yes, that's a dude! He and a team took part in the group category the next day but I haven't gotten pictures of his performance then yet. Esther and I were saying we might as well off ourselves considering a dude could look so much prettier then us

 We were also really lucky to be able to snap take picture with the guest cosplayer from Japan, the fabulous Arikawa Reika (or just Reika). Isn't she just drool-worthy in her cosplay of Barnaby from the series Tiger & Bunny? 

 Mini also took a picture of Reika's accompanying Tiger cosplayer. Check out the muscles on his arms!! Definitely one of the best Tiger cosplayers I've seen

 On the second day, Esther and I happened to be at the right place at the right time when we spotted Reika walking out of the location for a quick outdoor shoot. Naturally, us rabid fans started stalking her and I managed to sneak a few shots of her as she posed for the photographer. Here, she's cosplaying as Jinguji Ren from the Uta Prince series.

I'll end the post off with a couple of funny pics:

Alittle something for Sherlockians, spotted this when I was looking at the sketch board

Here's photographic evidence that Esther and I are sisters seperated at birth hahaha!

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