Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shibuya Gals (First Ever Gyaru Meetup)

Mandom Corp. The people behind Tsubasa's Dollywink line and other great beauty and hairstyling products organized the first ever gyaru meet up session last Saturday.

The event was led by nine gyaru senseis who had been chosen to do makeovers on their "students". Fabulous Steph was one of the senseis so I joined the event to support her, and due to some issues, I also winded up as her student to showcase her makeover skills hahaha.  

Steph, event organizer Yun Wen, Hana and I posing for a picture before the start of the event. I had to go to the event without my makeup for the makeover so my eyes look really small in this picture :/

Steph doing makeup on me. I'm pretty glad that I became her student for the event as her makeup style is pretty different from mine so it was fun trying out a new style and seeing how different I look as compared to my usual style.

The many people who turned up for the event 

 After the makeover. Steph used grey eyeshadow on me and stacked 2 Dollywink lashes and glued them above my natural lashline. However the lashes aren't really visible in the pic as the ones mostly available were from the Otome series, so they're geared more towards natural makeup. She also used orange blush & nude lipgloss on me, I haven't used those cosmetics in months!!!

 Camwhored with some other gyaru girls at the event. The one the left is Denise aka Cutepetz who was also a gyaru sensei, while the other girl on the right pic is Cammie. They are also both members of the local gyaru circle, Sparkling Cottoncandy and Denise is in fact one of the founders. Funny thing is that all three of us are also cosplayers hahaha.

 A lovely picture of the gyaru senseis, isn't it nice to see a variety of gyaru styles all at the same time?

 A picture of all the participants of the event

Here's a better look at the outfit I wore for the event, I decided to wear a more rokku style outfit to showcase a different gyaru style as I know most local girls tend to prefer the more floral and hime style.
Inner Zip Camisole: Tutuha
Red Top: Tutuha
PVC Shorts: Stolen from my Freya cosplay outfit  (LOL!!)
Stockings: Can't remember
Boots: Taobao (I tossed them after that day as the sole fell off, good bye my dear boots, you had served me well)
Necklace: Lip Service
Rings: Rubi & random blogshop
Bracelet: Taobao
Cap: Taobao
Wig: Prisila (my hair colour is pretty messed up currently)

There was a lucky draw consisting of individualised makeup pouches designed by the nine gyaru senseis, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get one, but the organizers did give me a little goodie bag. I received a tray of Decorative lower lashes, a tube of Dollywink lash glue and a Candydoll nail polish all neatly packaged in a cute pink polka dotted paper bag

I think my outfit is rather over the top but I was feeling incredibly deprived of dressing up in full gyaru so I went all out with it. I need to lose alittle more weight so that the Tutuha top fits better but I'm glad that my exercise regime is showing some results as the zip camisole isn't as form-fitting as the last time I wore it, so I shall be using these clothes as gauges in my weight loss! 

The event was pretty fun as I managed to meetup with some old friends as well as meeting new ones, I'm just alittle sad that not many people are as keen to try other gyaru styles such as rokku or onee gyaru let alone ones that are more out there such as ora-ora, but baby steps I guess. It's still nice to see more people embracing this style and more people turning up for events as time goes on. 


  1. I've seen a post about this on Kelly's blog also but it's good to read from other ppl's view also :D
    The event looks really interesting tho,Id be dying to go if I had lived in SG ;w;

    1. I've seen quite a few other people blogging bout the same event too, & its definitely fun to see other people's perspectives bout the same event.

      Aww, if you ever come to SG, do take part in a gyaru event if it coincides with your trip!!

  2. OMG Steph has a blog again. I'm so late to find out...
    She was one of my favourite bloggers and then she removed her blog, so glad she's back!
    Love the wig, it has such perfect curls!

  3. Haha, glad to have linked her blog up so you'll be able to follow her once again! & thanks, I love this wig alot