Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Once again, I'm writing a rather late post as my brain has been wrung dry due to project work. I celebrated my birthday last Sunday with the bf, by going to the Harry Potter Exhibition.

Our Tickets. I also got the audio guide which I highly recommend as they go into greater detail regarding all the hardwork that went into the sets and props for the Harry Potter movies. 
The first thing that greeted us after exiting the lift was Weasley's magical car, suspended from the ceiling to give the impression of being in flight. Too bad photography wasn't allowed in the rest of the exhibition, there were so many things I would like to scrutinise in greater detail.

After the tour, the bf and I bought some souvenirs:

Chocolate frogs!!! This one came with a Madam Hooch card, I've also gotten a Professor Flitwick card. I've still got a few more frogs in the fridge so I'll probably munch on them soon

My beautiful RavenClaw Pen, it's an additional birthday gift from the bf. The pen works but the Ravn motif on the top makes balancing it for writing pretty awkward, I'd recommend getting the Slytherin pen if you prefer function over form as it isn't as unwieldy
And my favourite gift for the day from the bf again, a wand!!! I'd been regretting not getting a wand since I last went to Warner Bros. Studios in Australia many years back, they were selling wands out of a bucket back then. Getting a wand was the top of my must-get souvenir list so the Bf let me choose one. I chose Ginny's not because I'm a fan of the character but rather I found her wand the nicest to look at & hold, the others were either not as elegant looking or felt weird when I held them.

After the exhibition, the bf and I were absolutely famished. We wound up having brunch at TWG

My Smoky Earl Grey tea & the bf's green tea. I'm kinda disappointed in their early grey tea, the bergamot oil wasn't rich enough and the flavours were rather lacklustre. I had initially ordered the Silver moon tea that I had gotten during my previous visit but was informed that the day's stocks were sold out, so I changed my order to this sad excuse of an earl grey tea. 
My roasted Guinea Fowl. It was my first ever taste of guinea fowl as the bird is rather hard to come by in my country, I wouldn't say it was anything special, just like chicken but with a slight game-y taste. The meat was also alittle tougher and darker then regular chicken. The dish was pretty yummy though.

 The bf had Foie gras terrine with salad. It was soo rich but too delicious to resist and the buttered bread that accompanied the terrine was so good on it's own. The only thing is that it is seriously fatty, notice the yellow edges around it? That's all fat LOL!! But still worth every calorie!

I know I'm being unfair by only posting Steph's amazing birthday gift but there's too many little gifts to fit into a picture. I received some skincare stuffs like masks from Jems and a Sisley bag from my mom as well as alittle money from my dad, my sis gave a book which I've been wanting to read and many other gifts here and there. Of course Steph surprised me the most with this pair of fabulous Emoda square toe heels, she got a pair for herself too so we're trying to come up with more twinspo outfits.   

Bonus picture, the Bf and I had noticed alot of funny looking benches as we were walking around but this one takes the cake! I had to scramble up the sides in order to sit right at the top, but the view behind makes up for it. It was only after this picture was taken did I realise how strategically placed this bench was. Yea, I look rather plain, wasn't super dressed up that day as I was feeling bit lazy.

I just wanna thank everyone for making my birthday so special and doing so much for me. I won't be the person I am without you guys, and though I know most of my friends don't read my blog, I still just wanna say thank you and I love you guys so so much! Lots of hugs & kisses all around! 

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