Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Japanese Trends for Spring 2010

Pastel colours are in, same with flowery prints and patterns ...

Western and Country trends, which mean lots of plaid, denim, and cowboy boots...

Pop Ethnic trend, to me it looks like the boho trend, except with more bling...

Marine and 90's Grunge trend, the marine trend is a perpetual favourite of mine, and funny thing was I saw the exact same skirt the model's wearing in the 90's grunge trend recently in one of those dingy shops where the clothes look really nice but their quality sucks to the core...

Some repeated trend that are back in again...

Like I said before, fashion goes round in circles...

Leggings don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon...

Stripes was given a special mention and don't you just love the Chanel boots? I remember Sakurina and Muto Shizuka giving Sayaka Araki the same pair for her birthday (they're Ageha models)...

Boho look is in again, and they even had a special mention on the queen of boho herself, Nicole Richie and her brand, House of Harlow... Yay! for maxi dresses....
Been shopping alot these days, and is it just me or has it become really hard to find something that you really like and wanna buy despite all the 'sale' signs plastered over nearly every shop I see when walking down the street?

Because of that, I've decided to research abit first on upcoming trends and tend maybe I might have a clearer head on what exactly I need to buy on my next shopping trip...

All the above trends and pictures were highlighted by Sweet magazine's February issue, lets see what other magazines feel is the next big trend....

Test Driving Dolly Wink Lashes

I used No. 2 Sweet Girly for the upper lash and No.5 Real Nude for my lower lashes

It looks pretty natural, and my friend was so impressed that she ran off and bought some Dolly Wink Lashes too...

From a picture before my project presentation, I had more eyeshadow on here, but the lashes gave it more of the 'smokey' effect...

With all the hype and popularity of the Dolly Wink Lashes, I was super excited and decided to immediately try them out the very next day.

After pulling them out of the box, first thing I noticed was how flexible and soft and supple the lashes were, I didn't even have to cut the lashes and putting them on was a breeze, but maybe because I have experience in putting on fake lashes, it doesn't really count.

Anyway, after a whole day of project presentation in the morning, fittings for my cosplay costume in the afternoon and shopping the rest of the evening, the lashes stayed put and didn't have that irritating feeling I get with other lashes, the kind where I tend to feel the edge of the spine of the lash rubbing on the corners of my eyes.

Not to mention, this was my first-ever experience putting on fake lower lashes, and I totally forgot that they were there. So I can totally understand the hype, not only because its produced by Tsubasa, but also for the comfort factor.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Urban Decay is Coming to Singapore!

Yeap you heard it right the first time, Urban Decay, the make up brand that's famous for its super shimmer eyeshadows, glitter eyeliners and is a favourite amongst models and makeup artists is finally comming to Singapore!

There hasn't been any official announcement in any newspapers or magazines and such, so the only information that's been released so far is on Sephora's Facebook Events page.

According to the page, there's an official Urban Decay Launch Day which is on the 4th of February 2010 from 12-3pm, a Urban Decay Makeup Consultation on the 4th-5th February and Urban Decay Master Classes by Eric Jimenez.

For more information check out

And lets cross our fingers that this isn't some kindda online scam...

Kitsune Pop-up Shop Opening in Harajuku

The French fashion brand and record label, Kitsune, is having a pop-up shop inside of Montoak on Omotesando Dori in Harajuku next month! The shop will be open from February 11th to March 7th 2010 and will feature both music and fashion items,including several Made in Japan items that will be available exclusively at the Tokyo shops.

Here's what Kitsune explained on the "Kitsune Project" in their own words:

"BOUTIQUE KITSUNÉ is an international project which tours around various cities worldwide, identifying the most interesting and avant-garde places, and then collaborating on the creation of a temporary shop and a series of events around it.
The key idea behind the store is to introduce Kitsuné’s universe, which is not only made of their music, for which they have an enormous following, but also of the more subtle and high class world of Kitsuné fashion collections, graphics and special productions.
In Tokyo, the men’s and lady’s SS10 Kitsuné Golf Club collection will be on display, along with items created exclusively for BOUTIQUE KITSUNE TOKYO, collectively entitled “Impression of Nippon from Kitsuné” These limited items were created in Japan with Japanese fabrics, using the same philosophy as main collection. For example, the limited edition shoes are made by famous factory Moonstar in Fukuoka, the knits in Gosen/Niigata, and the canvas bag in Kurashiki/Okayama. Also, there will be commemorative tee shirts, a key ring, a special Kitsuné Maison CD box, and emblems which are all exclusive for BOUTIQUE KITSUNE TOKYO."

Laforet Grand Bazaar

This weekend, Harajuku was having a major buzz of activity, because Laforet's Grand Bazaar was back on! Held only twice a year in January and July, this IS the biggest sale of Harajuku. The streets between Harajuku Station and Laforet were jam-packed with people who were trying to get their hands on some of the most amazing deals on their favourite Japanese and international fashion brands. If the crowd outside already intimidates you, imagine inside the building, it was crammed to the brim with people moving about in every possible direction while the shop staff were shouting and waving signs around in order to get the shoppers' attentions.

The deals which you can find at the bazaar are simply jaw-dropping, with many of Laforet's shops selling items at 70-90% off. Bins filled with shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes and other items were being sold for as little as a few hundred yen each and these were from brands such as Ne-Net, Hysteric Glamour, FurFur and many others. There were even products for those into higher-end fashion, Helmut Lang and WJK had amazing deals on US$1000++ leather jackets and even HP France Exclusive got in on the action by pricing down their import handbags, jackets and various other couture items from all over the world.

There's no way to describe the utter chaos that ensues everytime Laforet has its major Grand Bazaar, but the pictures would show at least a brief glimpse of the mess and the joy of girls (and few guys) who managed to score some major deals.

Friday, January 22, 2010


LV's version of the clog with a peg heel and tassle
I prefer Chanel's version, which looks more feminine

My pair, with cut-out detailing and straps in the back

"Fashion goes round in circles" - Siobhan Fahey

Everyone knows that fashion trends go round and round in circles, one minute something's in and everyone's clamouring for it, and the next, its out and if you still have that look or outfit, you're old-fashioned or simply stuck in a rut and calling out for mockery.

Why am I touching on this subject? That's because after looking at what's new and in this season, I can'thelp but noticing a particular piece of footwear that's gotten the fashion world talking, namely the humble clog.

Everywhere I turn, I see it, clogs here, clogs there, clogs with a high heel or clogs with a peg for a heel. There's little doubt that most people who have an interest in fashion wouldn't know about it unless they've been living under a rock....

Lucky for me, I don't need to start hunting for a high street version of the clog, I have a pair that's nestled amongst my mother's collection of shoes. After abit of digging, I managed to find it... proof that fashion goes round constantly in circle! Why?

My mother bought this pair like 3-4 years ago.... so much for being the latest trend.....

Dolly Wink Lashes are Mine!

My purchases! So deliriously happy bout them now...

As I promised, I rushed down after class yesterday to grab the Dolly Wink lashes. The salesgirl was pretty surprised at how much I knew about the products and we ended up chatting awhile.

I ended up walking away with 2 boxes of the lashes and a lash case. The ones I chose were upper lash No.2 Sweet Girly and lower lash No.5 Real Nude, however, I think I might go back for another set of the lower lashes and possibly the tube of glue as well.

The lashes were really soft and flexible and looked pretty real when put on, each box also contained a "how-to-put-on" insturction sheet and a tube of lash glue. But for someone clumsy like me, its a real pain to constantly hold the tweezers with the lashes and also attempting to squeeze the glue onto the lashes from a tube, as either I don't squeeze enough glue on or I tend to drop the lashes... so the Dolly Wink glue is sooo tempting me. Why? Because its in a nifty little bottle that comes with a brush (imagine those double lid glue and you get the idea), so its easy to simply brush on, no more squeezing and messiness.... so cool!

Tomorrow I'll be wearing the lashes and it'll also be my first-ever experience with wearing lower lashes, so cross my fingers that I'll look good. I'll also take a photo, if I remember that is.... haha....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOY Cosplay Costume

Aisaka Taiga aka the Palmtop Tiger (because she's small but fierce!)

I'm hoping to reach this cosplayer's standard! *crosses fingers*

A cute imageof Taiga and her love, who's considered a dragon because of his fierce looks...

*spoiler alert* Click to enlarge and read the words, read everything and leave the words in pink to the last, I always go "aww..." after reading it.... *blush*

Less than a month after last year's EOY cosplay event, I am once again cosplaying, this time in SOY aka Start-Of-Year event.

Lucky me is once again being loaned a costume by WTY Studio! Must thank my lucky stars!!!

Anyway, if anybody's curious bout which character I'm cosplaying this time, its Aisaka Taiga from the hit anime, Toradora! I love her spunky character, not to mention she's short like moi plus the Bf is lending me his wooden sword, which is the perfect prop for this character.

I'm thinking which character to cosplay next... hmmm.... maybe its

C.C. from Code Geass?
Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo?
or even try out Goth Lolita?

Hahahaha... which one? Hmm....

P.S. google the characters if you don't know how they look like!

New Blog Banners

Hey, is anybody a frequent reader of this blog? Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself, but oh wells....

Anyway, if there is anybody whose been reading my blog on a regular basis, you will notice the new layout and banner of this blog.

The layout is the usual version, but I had to change it to put in the amazing new banner! Thank you soo much Truc! Check out her own blog at ! You're definitely a superstar!

I had to aske her for help because moi's super pathetic in most things computer-related. Pretty sad in today's technology driven world.... but thanks to her amazng banner making skills, the blog has suddenly become bit more interesting and more like something that's mine instead of some random, generic blog...

Once again thanks!

Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink Launch in Singapore!

After writing multiple posts and loads of pictures on Tsubasa's fan-ta-bulous Dolly Wink fake lashes line, I am so deliriously happy to announce that Ngee Ann City's Watson store in Singapore will be having a small event for the launch of the Dolly Wink Lashes!!! Yippeee!!!

The event is only on for a week, from 21st Jan to 27 Jan 2010, 11 am-9pm. Not to mention that htere is a promotion that if you buy any eye lash, eyelash fix or eyeliner, you'll get a Cleansing Express Eye make up remover trial size 30ml for free! Only while stocks last of course....

Better get your lashes now, because the products may not be available after the launch event due to the out-of-stock situation that is affecting Japan currently. So if stocks are gone, then you'll probably have to wait a month or longer for new stocks to arrive, which like forever.....

Proof of how popular the products are, all stocks were cleared within 2 days of Japan's launch!

I'm probably gonna make a trip down once school's over to grab them before their gone and might just buy everything... ahaha.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rinka's Wedding!!

Rinka, the beautiful bride, looking all happy with a huge smile on her face. Her make up is so timeless and simple, she looks gorgeous...

Rinka with her hubby, I doubt she'll ever show anyone how her hubby actually looks like...

Rinka and her hubby, love her Vera Wang gown, so classy looking with a hint of playfulness with her bareback.... her hubby is really amusing, fancy wearing plaid pants and having such messy hair at your own wedding!

Her father walking her down the aisle... brings a tear to my eye everytime I look at this pcture... *sniff*

The table was decorated with plenty of flowers and candles...

Check out the chandelier and the huge mirror framed with flowers, its soooo romantic and classy...

The lovely gates which she walked through, check out the number of assistants/security!

Lovely, romantic decorations of candles and flowers, soft and sweet without being excessive...

I knoow this is a super late post, especially when people these days get news within a few minutes after an event's happened. But I cannot not post about this especially when its about one of my favourite Japanese celebrities!

Japanese-French model/host/singer Rinka was married in a private ceremony on the 9th of January 2010, keeping to her promise of gettin married early this year. The ceremony was pretty small with only 40 guests being invited.
It was also touching that her father, who became lame on his left side after getting a stroke bout five years ago, actually WALKED her down the aisle, slowly of course.
The bride wore a custom made Vera Wang gown and custom made Christian Louboutin shoes (she literally met the man himself! And he even gave her a perosnal tour of his factory!!! *jealous*) for the wedding.

Finally, Rinka can smirk at her rivals and haters, so much for her never getting married! Suck on that!

Photos are from Rinka's official blog

Shiseido to Buy Bare Escentuals

Bare Minerals, the makeup that's like a household name of make up in the U.S., may soon turn up in Asian make up counters after its parent company, Bare Escentuals (BARE) agreed to be bought by Japan's leading make up company, Shiseido.

Shiseido will buy Bare Escentuals in an all-cash deal worth US$1.7 billion! The company has already made agreements with CEO Leslie Blodgett and Berkshire Partners LLC to buy all their stakes in the company.

This deal will benefit both lines as the deal will help Bare Escentuals to tap into the rich and growing markets in Asia such as China. While for Shiseido, it'll allow them to gain abetter foothold in America.

Doesn't matter much to me because I can get both brands easily here in Singapore, but perhaps Bare Minerals maybe cheaper next time. . .

Information from

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japan Coming of Age Day

Yesterday -Monday, January 11 2010- was the Coming of Age Day(Seijin No Hi)in Japan. If you're uncertain on what it is, its basically summed up as : "Coming of Age Day is celebrated Annually on the 2nd Monday of January. It's a celebration to congratulate young adults who have reached adulthood.(in Japan, 20years old)"

Japanese boys and girls both celebrate Coming of Age Day, but its mostly the girls who bother to dres in their traditional clothing of furisode Kimono and do up their hair in elaborate styles that could rival the girls of Ageha. Many of them also make their way to their local temples and shrines to pray for blessings.

After the adult day ceremony (Seijin Shiki), its usually followed by tons of phototaking with their families and then party the day away by drinking (the legal age is 20) and running off to Tokyo Disneyland (its very common to see beautiful girls dressed in their kimonos, having a good time on the rides) as the government usually gives these new adults some money as part of the celebration.

Personally, this would have been my first official coming of age day, since I wasn't technically aged 20 in January last year. But locally in Singapore, we celebrate coming of age on on our 21st birthday and its usually with a cake shaped like a key so locally I'll only celebrate it in my birthday later this year. But I don't think it'll be as fun as Japan though....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Personal outfit 18

I love my current hairstyle so much!!! And my fuzzy leopard print beret..

My outfit of the day consisted of:
Leopard Beret: Accesorize
White shirt: Bought in China
Denim shorts: Cotton On
Faux Leather tights: This Fashion
Black Patent Platform Pumps: DMK
Quilted Bag: Accesorize
Went out with The Bf last sat and did abit of shopping to relieve some of the stress that's been building up due to school... I'll be glad when its over which is technically 5 weeks from now, from tomorrow its 19 days of school including my tests/exams, very obviously I'm slowly counting down to the end....
Bought some cosmetics such as a Canmake highlighter and an eyebrow pencil, I needed to change it to lighter colour because of my lighter hair colour, it looked so weird when I have dark brows with light hair... ewww so not a good look.
Also went to watch the movie, Have You Heard About the Morgans? I'm a big fan of Hugh Grant and love pretty much most of his work, but this time, I was left bit disappointed. It could be because I went in with high expectations, especially after his role in Music & Lyrics (one of my all-time favourite movies!), but whatever it is, I still love him!

Harajuku Street Style Event at Singapore TANGS

If it isn't obvious enough just how popular Japanese brands and culture are becoming in Singapore, one only has to look at the long queues that snaked through the malls when UNIQLO opened and how big the local cosplay scene is becoming.

This has made certain fashion groups notice this change and one of them has acted on this popularity, TANGS PlayLab has created a showcase that has been dubbed Harajuku Street Style, it'll showcase some of the top Japanese casualwear brands from January 15th to 31st 2010.

This showcase will present consumers with a unique "onestop" opportunity to check out labels from prominent designers and Japanese brands that have never before been seen in Singapore. The brands that will be shown include, Urban Research, COEN, KISUKE, Momotaro Jeans, BARCLAY, OLIVE desOLIVE and many more...
A bonus factor is the special appearance of celebrity Japanese street style photographer, Rei Shito. Previously a model who appeared on CM, Music PV and Tokyo Collection, she now prowls the bustling streets of Tokyo in search of unique street style and budding trends for Japanese magazines such as 'Street', 'Fruits' and 'Tune'.

There'll also be several Japanese hairstylists who'll be joining Rei at the event to select 10 guests for a makeover at the event and supposedly a "Best Dressed" competition with the winner walking away with tickets to Japan.

Check out Rei Shito's street style blog at