Monday, January 4, 2010

New Free Japanese Magazine - MIG (Made In Girls)

Near the end of 2009, the first issue of a new free Japanese fashion magazine was released. The magazine is named "MIG" as it follows the acronym of "Made In Girl" and it claims to be "made by girls, for girls!"

Free magazines aren't new in most shopping districts but standing out from the crowd can be rather difficult and MIG does so by having cute and artistic photos in their magazine. It also contains lots of mini-features - mostly in Japanese with a sprinkling of English on girl-run clothing shops and fashion brands in Tokyo.

The cover girls of the debut issue feature twin Japanese fashion modles and TV personalities, Ami & Aya wearing cake hats. Inside the magazine, there are tons of pictures of the twins looking absolutely adorable with Lady Gaga hairbows, dressed up in Hello Kitty make up and costumes, recreating the retro 50s look, and other scenarios depicting them in as cute a way as possible.

Other articles in the magazine mention profiles and photos of several female owners and designers from popular Tokyo shops/brands. Two of the profiled include Galaxxxy and Grimoire, two brands whose products you can see on a regular basis on the streets of Tokyo. MIG also features the profiles of non-fashion related girls such as, Japanese artist Yuko Kanatani, some partying OLs, Radical Idol Trickstar, girls from the Shinjuku cabaret club Regend, and a couple of girl idol groups from Akihabara.

If anyone has interests in the Japanese fashion scene and want to check out female designers who aren't as well-known outside of Tokyo, MIG is definitely worth checking out. Though there's nothing in depth or serious, its a magazine that's cute, quick and fun, and generally a light read. Although it's considered a fashion magazine, as it contains alot of fashion in its first issue,there is a little message inside saying that they will focus on other things such as music and culturein upcoming issues.

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