Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chanel Tattoos

Having said in one of my earlier posts about how cool tattoos are to me personally, despite the fact that I'll probably never get one myself (eczema sucks big time!), I was pretty surprised at the number of brands that featured transfer tattoos and body paint in their catwalks, such as Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel.

Chanel's versions aren't like the usual crummy kind you see with horrid roses, swallows and hearts with the word "mum" in it. Their's are the classy kind, the type which turns heads when a girl passes by you with that tattoo emblazoned on her legs (or wherever body part she wishes to stick it on...), and makes you go "aaahhhh, I want that too!"

With bangle, beads and floral designs, all incorporating the trademark Chanel logo, I'm so willing to splurge on it despite the fact that it'll probably wash off in 2-3 weeks time.

As quoted by Elle UK, "The perfect fashion-beauty hybrid trend, transfers are the new statement jewellery". I couldn't agree more!

Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel, set of 55 individual tattoos, £49 by Chanel is said to be released on 1st March, I'll be waiting impatiently till then....

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