Friday, January 22, 2010


LV's version of the clog with a peg heel and tassle
I prefer Chanel's version, which looks more feminine

My pair, with cut-out detailing and straps in the back

"Fashion goes round in circles" - Siobhan Fahey

Everyone knows that fashion trends go round and round in circles, one minute something's in and everyone's clamouring for it, and the next, its out and if you still have that look or outfit, you're old-fashioned or simply stuck in a rut and calling out for mockery.

Why am I touching on this subject? That's because after looking at what's new and in this season, I can'thelp but noticing a particular piece of footwear that's gotten the fashion world talking, namely the humble clog.

Everywhere I turn, I see it, clogs here, clogs there, clogs with a high heel or clogs with a peg for a heel. There's little doubt that most people who have an interest in fashion wouldn't know about it unless they've been living under a rock....

Lucky for me, I don't need to start hunting for a high street version of the clog, I have a pair that's nestled amongst my mother's collection of shoes. After abit of digging, I managed to find it... proof that fashion goes round constantly in circle! Why?

My mother bought this pair like 3-4 years ago.... so much for being the latest trend.....

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