Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rinka's Wedding!!

Rinka, the beautiful bride, looking all happy with a huge smile on her face. Her make up is so timeless and simple, she looks gorgeous...

Rinka with her hubby, I doubt she'll ever show anyone how her hubby actually looks like...

Rinka and her hubby, love her Vera Wang gown, so classy looking with a hint of playfulness with her bareback.... her hubby is really amusing, fancy wearing plaid pants and having such messy hair at your own wedding!

Her father walking her down the aisle... brings a tear to my eye everytime I look at this pcture... *sniff*

The table was decorated with plenty of flowers and candles...

Check out the chandelier and the huge mirror framed with flowers, its soooo romantic and classy...

The lovely gates which she walked through, check out the number of assistants/security!

Lovely, romantic decorations of candles and flowers, soft and sweet without being excessive...

I knoow this is a super late post, especially when people these days get news within a few minutes after an event's happened. But I cannot not post about this especially when its about one of my favourite Japanese celebrities!

Japanese-French model/host/singer Rinka was married in a private ceremony on the 9th of January 2010, keeping to her promise of gettin married early this year. The ceremony was pretty small with only 40 guests being invited.
It was also touching that her father, who became lame on his left side after getting a stroke bout five years ago, actually WALKED her down the aisle, slowly of course.
The bride wore a custom made Vera Wang gown and custom made Christian Louboutin shoes (she literally met the man himself! And he even gave her a perosnal tour of his factory!!! *jealous*) for the wedding.

Finally, Rinka can smirk at her rivals and haters, so much for her never getting married! Suck on that!

Photos are from Rinka's official blog

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