Sunday, January 10, 2010

People are Wearing Japanese Fashion, They Just Don't Know It!

"So each season, [fashion consultant Loic] Bizel takes fashion industry buyers from America and Europe — mass clothiers like Hennes & Mauritz of Sweden and Topshop of Britain — to buy up bagfuls of the latest hits. The designs are then whisked overseas to be reworked, resized, stitched together and sold under Western labels."

So to those who find Japanese fashion weird.... just remember this, 'its not weird, it's just innovative and ahead of others' because what these people don't realise is that in six months to a year after criticizing a "weird" look that was done by the Japanese, they'll probably be wearing something similar simply because its "in" and what all the weatern labels are currently marketing and selling.

Such an ironic world we live in.....

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