Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japan Coming of Age Day

Yesterday -Monday, January 11 2010- was the Coming of Age Day(Seijin No Hi)in Japan. If you're uncertain on what it is, its basically summed up as : "Coming of Age Day is celebrated Annually on the 2nd Monday of January. It's a celebration to congratulate young adults who have reached adulthood.(in Japan, 20years old)"

Japanese boys and girls both celebrate Coming of Age Day, but its mostly the girls who bother to dres in their traditional clothing of furisode Kimono and do up their hair in elaborate styles that could rival the girls of Ageha. Many of them also make their way to their local temples and shrines to pray for blessings.

After the adult day ceremony (Seijin Shiki), its usually followed by tons of phototaking with their families and then party the day away by drinking (the legal age is 20) and running off to Tokyo Disneyland (its very common to see beautiful girls dressed in their kimonos, having a good time on the rides) as the government usually gives these new adults some money as part of the celebration.

Personally, this would have been my first official coming of age day, since I wasn't technically aged 20 in January last year. But locally in Singapore, we celebrate coming of age on on our 21st birthday and its usually with a cake shaped like a key so locally I'll only celebrate it in my birthday later this year. But I don't think it'll be as fun as Japan though....

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