Friday, January 22, 2010

Dolly Wink Lashes are Mine!

My purchases! So deliriously happy bout them now...

As I promised, I rushed down after class yesterday to grab the Dolly Wink lashes. The salesgirl was pretty surprised at how much I knew about the products and we ended up chatting awhile.

I ended up walking away with 2 boxes of the lashes and a lash case. The ones I chose were upper lash No.2 Sweet Girly and lower lash No.5 Real Nude, however, I think I might go back for another set of the lower lashes and possibly the tube of glue as well.

The lashes were really soft and flexible and looked pretty real when put on, each box also contained a "how-to-put-on" insturction sheet and a tube of lash glue. But for someone clumsy like me, its a real pain to constantly hold the tweezers with the lashes and also attempting to squeeze the glue onto the lashes from a tube, as either I don't squeeze enough glue on or I tend to drop the lashes... so the Dolly Wink glue is sooo tempting me. Why? Because its in a nifty little bottle that comes with a brush (imagine those double lid glue and you get the idea), so its easy to simply brush on, no more squeezing and messiness.... so cool!

Tomorrow I'll be wearing the lashes and it'll also be my first-ever experience with wearing lower lashes, so cross my fingers that I'll look good. I'll also take a photo, if I remember that is.... haha....

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