Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOY Cosplay Costume

Aisaka Taiga aka the Palmtop Tiger (because she's small but fierce!)

I'm hoping to reach this cosplayer's standard! *crosses fingers*

A cute imageof Taiga and her love, who's considered a dragon because of his fierce looks...

*spoiler alert* Click to enlarge and read the words, read everything and leave the words in pink to the last, I always go "aww..." after reading it.... *blush*

Less than a month after last year's EOY cosplay event, I am once again cosplaying, this time in SOY aka Start-Of-Year event.

Lucky me is once again being loaned a costume by WTY Studio! Must thank my lucky stars!!!

Anyway, if anybody's curious bout which character I'm cosplaying this time, its Aisaka Taiga from the hit anime, Toradora! I love her spunky character, not to mention she's short like moi plus the Bf is lending me his wooden sword, which is the perfect prop for this character.

I'm thinking which character to cosplay next... hmmm.... maybe its

C.C. from Code Geass?
Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo?
or even try out Goth Lolita?

Hahahaha... which one? Hmm....

P.S. google the characters if you don't know how they look like!

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