Monday, January 25, 2010

Urban Decay is Coming to Singapore!

Yeap you heard it right the first time, Urban Decay, the make up brand that's famous for its super shimmer eyeshadows, glitter eyeliners and is a favourite amongst models and makeup artists is finally comming to Singapore!

There hasn't been any official announcement in any newspapers or magazines and such, so the only information that's been released so far is on Sephora's Facebook Events page.

According to the page, there's an official Urban Decay Launch Day which is on the 4th of February 2010 from 12-3pm, a Urban Decay Makeup Consultation on the 4th-5th February and Urban Decay Master Classes by Eric Jimenez.

For more information check out

And lets cross our fingers that this isn't some kindda online scam...


  1. That's exciting! Their eye primer potion is made of angel dust, fabulous and love<3

  2. Really? I can't wait to get their glitter eyeliner, I've been lusting after it ever since I saw it being voted No.1 in Ageha.