Friday, October 29, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 7

Its the end of the month, and once again time for my current favourite songs! This time, the selection is pretty varied as my hormones have been kindda crazy lately, so I've been jumping between alot of different styles. I could be listening to jazz one minute and then Visual kei the next... hence explains my crazy list this time.

Lolita Libretto ~Storytelling by Solita~ (Singer: Kanon Wakeshima): Beautiful song and PV and I love how they twisted the french words so gracefully into the song. This PV is too beautiful to be wasted on a small screen, so max it out and let the gorgeous artwork entrance you. My favourite song from her so far.

Aristocrat's Symphony (Versailles): Beautiful, rich textures and fabrics adorn this band as they guide me into a totally different world with their awesome music. Its bit long but it gives me more time to appreciate how wonderfully complex they are individually whilst being able to mesh together so perfectly at the same time. Its sad that one of them died suddenly though... Elegant Jasmine You will not be forgotten...

Tsuki no Curse (Okina Reika): Translated as "The Moon's Revenge", it's the opening theme for the anime Loveless. The anime that introduced me to Bishounens and Yaoi and fueled my inspiration to get a butterfly tattoo, though I may give up the idea of doing a blue butterfly as it seems to be a pretty common colour choice for tattoo butterflies. I never get sick of this anime and song and often return back to it from time to time.

Silky Heart (Yui Horie): The opening song for Toradora, its a great energy starter for slow mornings! I find this PV bit of a snooze actually because Yui is sitting down or slowly walking half the time and I think she can't dance for nuts considering how much they try to avoid showing her actually dancing. Still, the music is nice... thats all that matters to me.

Ask DNA (Singer: The Seatbelts Writer: Yoko Kanno): Of course, I had to add in a song from my favourite songwirter, Yoko Kanno. This is the theme song for Cowboy Bebop The Movie, and I love the smooth jazz vibe this song has which totally complements the style of the movie. Cowboy Bebop is an absolute classic anime and in a league of its own, there's no anime that has ever been able to mimic the style of this series. I tend to listen to Yoko Kanno's works when I'm winding down or whenever I space out, which happens pretty frequently...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Personal Outfit 40 (Old Friends...)

On Monday, after 3 long years, I finally got to meet my dear old friend Jo! She's a real special friend to me and I considered her my best friend throughout my secondary school life despite having some problems involving another girl during that time. But that's an old story....

We kindda went our ways after we graduated because she was shipped off to Seattle to study whilst I continued my studies locally, but we kept in constant touch thru emails and instant messaging (thank you technology!).

Its so awesome to know that she's finally settled back in Indonesia and she's just a short flight away! So it'll be easy for us to visit each other!

Jo and I! Sorry for the shaky picture, neither of us are good with self-camwhoring and it was a rushed thing as we were taking this inside a purikura machine

My outfit consisted of:
Black shirt-dress: Cotton On
Knee-high laceup boots: Taobao (I love how slim and long they make my legs look, despite the heel and sole being of a weird angle)
Black bag: borrowed from Mom
Cross necklace (can be seen in the pic above): Forever 21
Assortment of bracelets and multiple rings: borrowed from mom, second hand buys and vintage stuffs all mixed in

I've been kindda really inspired by Nonoka lately, hence that explains the all-black ensemble. I love her gothic kindda style, though I don't find it that gyaru to be honest, but at least she's true to herslef i guess. I'm also not a fan of her newly-dyed black hair, I think she looks waaay better as a platinum blonde plus she looked so fair then.
Okay, back to the topic. Basically Jo and I started out the day by trying out the Kawaii Maid Kohii cafe at Funan. Kindda okay, though I wish there was more interaction between the customers and the maids, they were bit stand-offish. It was also bit surprising that they served mostly coffee and desserts as I've always assumed that in Japan, omurice is kindda like the bread and butter of a maid cafe. Oh well, something different I guess. Jo and I also kept making fun of her cousin by egging him to take a picture of all the maids fawning over him, but he refused (=3=) no fun...
We also window-shopped all day and because of her, I also ended up hanging out with 2 other girls that I had known in my secondary school days as well! We haven't seen each other for like I think bout 4-5 years already, so it was really awesome that we could catch up with each other and enjoy each other's company!
Its pretty sad that she only came over to Singapore for 4 days, but she's encouraging me to make a trip over to Indonesia to visit her, so I'll be trying to save some money to do alittle shopping there!
P.S. Thanks Jo for coming to visit and I really miss you already! Lets meet up again soon and do keep in touch kays? I'll try to visit you in Jarkarta soon!
P.P.S. I'll scan the puris and upload them here and in my facebook soon so keep a lookout for them!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fake Tattoos... To Get or Not?

Remember the single sheet of the fake Chanel tattoos that I managed to get in my last Taobao order? Well, I finally tried it out and it was pretty tricky on trying to slap it on. It could be because I decided to place it near my neck so there's alot of weird dips and protruding parts thanks to my collar bones, so I actually ruined a total of 2 birds and one Chanel logo, before I finally managed to get one on decently.

The result! Actually, the Chanel logo is still bit wonky, but I gave up at that point as I couldn't bear picking at the logo and risk ruining the bird portion.

Anyway, so far, I love the tattoo and how awesome it looks. It's like a whole accessory on its own in a far more interesting and eye-catching way then the usual necklace or bracelet.

Anyway, why I'm going on and on about the tattoos is because, I'm finally able to get my hands on the awesome Murua fake tattoos that will be enclosed in Momoko's latest mook. I'm not particularly interested in the mook, and I wouldn't have bothered giving it another glance if it wasn't for Momoko creating a superb marketing ploy of including the awesome Murua fake tattoos that I've been yearning for since it's release.

I do think, it's bit stingy of her to squeeze everything onto a single sheet plus the fact that its such a small piece of the tattoo collection that is being enclosed. But beggars can't be choosers, so I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with what's being given.

The mook and suggestions on where to place the various tattoos

A closer look at the sheet of tattoos that is enclosed with the mook. I still think she's being stingy by squeezing everything into a single tiny sheet.

However, knowing the rate of how the bookstores would jack up the prices of mooks plus the fatc that I'm not really financially well-off for the next 2 months, it's a real heart-breaker that I'll probably choose to give up my one chance to get my hands on the Murua tattoos.

I'm crossing my fingers that like usual, my local bookstore would overstock mooks and that I'll be able to grab the mook when my finances are in better shape, that is, if it's not too insanely expensive. I'll be drawing the line at $25 for the mook and if it's above that, I'll just tell myself that my money will be better spent on other things. I'll be also crossing my fingers that the shops in Taobao will eventually get the hint and start producing their own Murua tattoos heheheheh.....

If you're pondering over why I still haven't gotten myself inked for real despite my current obsession with these fake tattoos, well for one, I'm like super, super terrified of pain. My beautician always exclaims that she can barely get the most serious blemishes sorted out before I start to cry for mercy. Yes, my pain tolerance level is that bad.

Second and probably my most dire reason to not get inked is because of the fact that I suffer from eczema. I do have a number of friends who have gotten inked despite suffering from the woes of eczema too. However, as each individual differs on what causes and aggravates their eczema, it's really difficult for me to take the risk of getting inked and resulting in a really nasty patch of eczema and eventually healing into a indescribable blob of coloured mess considering I tend to have eczema breakouts for no rhyme and reason at times .

So I'll be contented with being a wussy and enjoying tattoos via the stick-on kind. For now at least....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Japan Fashion Week Tokyo S/S 2011

In bout 2 days time, the 11th Japan fashion week will be rounding up its shows, parties and exclusive events. This is after giving us a glimpse into the newest trends of Spring/Summer 2011 which we all know, will soon filter down to other mainstream brands once magazines and press releases have decided which are their favourite looks.

This event is much bigger then before with a total of 42 different brands from various styles showcasing their newest collections, a much larger collection as compared to the 35 brands from the last 5 years that this event has been running on. There's even a joint exhibition being held by 9 of the brands.

To encourage audience participation, and to capture the unique essence of fashion that is Japan, there is a Fashion Photo Booth in thw website showcasing the audiences' and participants' outfits at the event. A great way to see the amazing street style that Tokyo is but of course, famous for.

Since the event is still going on, and there's still live shows available for online viewing, why bother reading my own personal, lopsided views about the clothes, shows and events? Just head on down and view it for yourself at:
(Don't worry, they've conveniently created an English website for easy navigation plus you can view the shows according to the brands).

If you're still on the fence bout heading down to take a look, here's the list of participating fashion brands:

  • araisara
  • Aria Company
  • ato
  • beautiful people
  • bortsprungt
  • corazon del alma
  • Etw. Vonneguet
  • everlasting sprout
  • fur fur
  • G.V.G.V.
  • jazzkatze
  • kawala by masayoshi yamamoto
  • mifrel
  • mintdesigns
  • Naoshi Sawayanagi
  • TOKUKO ler Vol
  • Ujoh
  • Yukiko Hanai
  • harukakimie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recent Taobao gets!

Early this month, I had ordered a bunch of stuffs from taobao. I would have ordered alot more if I could, however, being bit financially constrained, I had to limit myself, which was a real painful experience. Anywhoo... here's what I managed to eventually get:

Finally! A furry tail! I had actually ordered one in a lighter colour, however they ended up sending to me one which looked more like this. I actually don't mind it, as I was kindda regretting bout ordering a white version as I realised that the colour limited how I could style it with my other clothes.

Got this fake 2-piece dress too as I wanted something that incorporated the military look without being too tough. This was a nice balance between being girly and uptight.

I had actually ordered the whole set of the Chanel tattoos but they ended up sending only one sheet which was the bird one. Quite upset bout it actually as I was looking forward to using it! Grrr....

I had actually ordered this pair of boots, however, the agent said that stocks for it had run out so I ended up offering the alternative (shown below)

I was so looking forward to this thigh high boots above all my other purchases as my other pair was disintergrating and I really wanted it so bad that my head had been concocting up a whole list of outfits to pair with it. However, the agent claims that it was out of stock so I didn't get it... I'm really frustrated/sad/disappointed about it... *sob*
Sigh... strangely, out of all my orders, the ones that I had looked forward to rceiving the most all ended up either out of stock, or in the case of the Chanel tattoos, only part of it was sent. That's the risk you get with purchasing from taobao I guess....haiz....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Contact Lens Review: Adult series Brown

Today's review is the Adult Brown contact lenses. Modelled by Sayaka Araki as shown here:

I ordered the lens because I needed something simple for school/off days. Plus it looked pretty nice in the poster as shown.

The usual one lens in, one lens out photo. The lens is only 14.00mm big in diameter, so you can see its only a tad bigger then my normal irises.

Without flash, the lens look really normal, so no one and I mean, no one, even looks twice at me in class, which suits me just fine.

With flash, you can see the design on the lens. Its really trying hard to look like a kind of design that would occur in nature.
First and foremost, I had bought this pair of lens for the sole reason of using them for school, so that I won't have to be bothered to dress up and all that. But I actually came to love the lens over time. I really like that the lens are super natural looking, because of the design, the smaller diameter and the fact that there's no black outer ring.
The lens is comfortable, however, at times I do get the feeling of the lens in my eye, but that's usually when my eyes are drying out and it could be due to the strong air-conditioning in my school. A few drops of eyedrops and some blinking and the problem is usually solved.
One really great thing bout this pair of lens is that, if i do accidentally put the lens inside-out in my eye, the lens colour actually appears gray-ish thus instantly notifying me of the error.
Overall, a great pair of lens but if you're attemtping the gyaru, elarged irises kindda look, well, I'd say that you'll be sorely disappointed because of the size and impact of the lens. It'll work much better as an off day lens.
*On a side note, I have a 100+ followers! Its not as much as other bloggers out there, but I just would like to let my readers know that I really appreciate you guys following me and leaving comments. Its really heart-warming when I know that my opinions are heard and that I'm not just blabbing to myself. So thanks again my dear followers and let me know if there's anyway that I can improve or what kindda stuffs you would like to see me write about kays?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Hair Colour!

Remember me asking you, the readers, of this blog on which hair colour I should dye my hair? Hahaha, so scroll down to take a look at my eventual choice!

Starting the dyeing process (you can pretty much guess what colour I got from here)

Dyeing and bleaching for the rest of my hair


Blonde with red underlights that'll eventually fade out to pink

I've never gone this light before!
In the end, I just couldn't shake off the idea of getting pink hair. I know darker hair colour is in and all that now, considering it's winter season in most countries. However, here in sunny Singapore, the weather's pretty much the same all year round. That is, hot and humid, so not much of a difference for me. Besides, rules are meant to be broken right? ;)
I had to get them done in the form of underlights/streaks as the initial picture that had inspired me wasn't really achievable because I had figured out that the girl had a straight, blunt cut for the ends of her hair. That's why it had looked so awesome on her. With my hair's numerous layers, the only way to get it done was either through chunky streaks or softer underlights.
I chose the underlights because it would be easier for me to hide the pink parts when the colour starts to wash out, plus it looked more natural (pffft! Like having pink hair is a natural occurence).
One side effect of my new hair colour that I'm really thrilled about, is how fair I look now! Wahahahaha, this certainly is encouraging me to not go back to dark hair colours now!
Anyway, I'm pretty elated that the items I had ordered from Taobao are arriving soon! This means so much more outfit posts, as I've been thinking up a whole slew of outfits revolving around the stuffs I had ordered. So come back soon to check them out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Makeup Review: Jewerich No.1 Lashes

I had been saving up my longer lashes for my cosplay events. More because of how dramatic the length and volume of the lashes are and that cosplay does require a certain form of theatricality. So with my upcming event looming just round the corner, I thought I might as well bring out my saved lashes and give them a test run.

So today's review is for Jewerich's No.1 Lashes:

Very cute packaging...

Upper Lash: Jewerich No.1
Lower Lash: Dollywink No.5
Eyeshadow: Dior 5-shadow palette in Night Dust & Majolica Majorca GD 822
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Liquid Liner (pen) & Kate gel liner
Lash Adhesive: Dollywink
Contact lenses: Candy/Jewel series in brown

Angle from below

Angle from the side

When eye is closed
The lash pakcaging was relatively easy to open because it was held shut by 2 rows of tape that ended at the sides, so it was easy to simply pick off the edges of the tape and when you get it open, I was really surprised that both apirs of lashes were actually individually packaged, so it's pretty handy for carrying around a single pair instead of carting the whole box. Lash glue wasn't included in the packaging but it's alright as I seem to have a never-ending amount of Dollywink tubes of lash adhesive.
For the lashes, first thing that struck me was how thick the spine was. Its like literally twice as thick as Dollywink's and I was pretty scared at how I would be able to handle it since I was so used to the soft flimsy spines of Dollywink. I did manage to get it one with some trial and error however, throughout the day, I kept getting the feeling of the lash spine poking my eye if I had placed it too clsoe to the edge of my eyelid and it was pretty painful. Not to mention, I'm not sure if it was the weight or the form of my eyelid or the way I applied the lashes, but somehow, the one on the right eye "stood" up better then the other side, so I had to constantly adjust it.
Anyay, sadly, within 2 days, I destroyed both pairs of lashes! The reason was that I was trying to peel off the dried adhesive on my first pair when I ended up pulling off a whole tuft of hair off and that was how I also figured out how the lashes were made. It seems that unlike Dollywink that has "hoops" for the lashes to sit on the spine, and thus allowing you to move the hair about with a pair of tweezers and gentle manouvering, Jewerich lashes are made by presseing the hairs together between 2 plastic spines. Hence, the reason for the super thick spine and why I couldn't seem to adjust the tufts of hair earlier.
After destroying my first pair, I used my second pair and looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking when I tried to pull off the dried adhesive again and thus, a whole tuft (in fact an even larger tuft) of hair came flying right off. So now I have officially ruined both pairs within the span of 2 days and noteably, it was the right sides that were destroyed. So moral of the story? Clean the lashes by wiping or soaking them with makeup remover and don't be a genius like me who ripped them apart.
Length: 9.5/10 (very obviously long, so there's no hiding that they are falsies)
Volume: 9/10 (Lots of volume in clearly defined tufts of hair)
Application: Medium (If you're used to wearing lashes with thick spines, these would be a breeze of not, some practice is necessary)
Instructions in application: Clearly shown in the back of the packaging and can be found on their official website. Popteen model, Okaerie, has also done a makeup tutorial using these lashes
Photo of Model: In the packaging you can clearly see it's a model who's wearing the lashes (its Kana Hoshino I think)
Publicity: They seem to be directing to every gal group possible, for its appeared in adverts and on models from Popteen, Ageha, Blenda, Ranzuki, Mama Ageha, S Cawaii, Egg, Popsister and even Zipper. The main spokespersons, Kana Hoshino and Inoue Masahiro also constantly promote the products.
Price: 980(JPY)/ bout 15.60 (SGD)
Despite the pain and irritation and the fact that I have to slowly clean the lashes after every use, I'm willing to get myself another box next time. The effect that the lashes produce are simply amazing and very eye-opening (literally!), but now that I know that these require special and more gentle care, I have to remember it the next time and not be so quick in attempting to rip them apart. Plus, they're really awesome for cosplay!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christian Louboutin For Barbie

Since I was alittle girl, I've played with tons of Barbie dolls, I had like a dozen different versions, even a camping version with a bright pink tent! But unlike what most child "experts" say about Barbie having a negative effect on girls, by influencing them to look like her or something along those lines, it never once crossed my mind. That is unitl today....

Check out the Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoe Collection!

The collection features a whole range of shoes, of which includes 9 original designs. All housed in an elegant suite of course! And check out their signature red soles...
I don't know whether to envy her, remain cold and emotionless, or to wring her pretty little neck! I know it's pretty weird that I'm getting all upset at a doll, a plastic lifeless thing. But if you have been lusting after a pair of Louboutins to call your own since forever, and here this little wretch gets a whole collection of them (of which most are original designs specially for her), tell me, wouldn't you get abit upset too?
Okay... maybe I really am over-reacting.... but still.... *glares*
Pictures from

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeup Review: Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer UV

Nothing much has been happening in my life recently. Most of it has been about school and simply waiting for a few specific dates in the following weeks such as my friend's birthday party, my hairdye appointment, cosplay group outing and of course, the cosplay event itself!

So for now, I'll have to post a review post again! Hahaha... but I promise the subsequent posts would be better.

So today's product is:

Canmake's Cover & Stretch Concealer UV! I bought mine in shade #01 7 according to the description:
Covers skin while protecting it from UV rays and dryness. A UV concealer that won't run or look powdery
Has SPF 25 with a doe-tip for easy application
Contains sebum-absorbing powder, moistsurizing and skin-firming agents
Is pigment-free, Unperfumed, Alcohol-free & non-chemical UV filters (great for sensitive skin!)
Waterproof formulation make it resistant to water, sweat and sebum, controlling stickiness, shine amd dullness.

Same old ugly pimple-infested skin. I assure you my skin has gotten much better since my hormones are back to normal again..

After applying the Majolica Majorca base (see previous post for review)

And finally after applying the concealer, pretty good coverage as you can see!
After giving the product a go, I can safely say, its a heck of a awesome product! It covers blemishes really well and stays put all day, with little need to touch up during the day. The formula is pretty thick so just apply a little amount at a time, the doe-foot applicator is useful in helping you do this and the product turns from a cream to powder after blending, making it appear less thick.
However, do work fast whilst using the product as it dries fairly quickly, so I suggest you dab alittle then blend and repeat where necessary, not apply it all over then blend, for you'll end up having a hard time getting it to blend well once it starts to dry. However, that is a small flaw that I can live with.
So in summary:
Coverage: 9/10 (pretty good coverage and covers most if not all blemishes well)
Sebum control: 7/10 (can't actually tell much as its only applied on small sections of sreas, however, the product doesn't smudge through the day, so i guess it is controlling the oil)
Texture: 6/10 (quite thick, but it could be why it's so good at covering blemishes, however, its not too bad once it dries totally as it becomes a powder. Just remember to blend fast!)
Price: 10/10!!! (got it for less then $20 at a local drugstore, might be even less then $15 if memory serves me right, so its an awesome product for an awesome price!)
Smudge-proof: 8/10 (my blemishes stayed concealed throughout the day so it's really long-lasting)
Just a side note, I actually bought the lightest shade available but I don't know if it's the base being too light or me just being anal, but I feel that it's still a shade too dark for my skintone. I aksed Francine about it(she's a makeup artist), and she did concur that it's a half shade darker then my skintone, however she told me I was just being anal and that most people wouldn't realise it. But I still didn't feel too comfortble knowing it could possibly be enhancing and not concealing my falws, so I cracked and bought another concealer, despite me having some serious cash flow problems for this month and the next. I'll be doing the reveiw of the other concealer next time.
However, despite me not continuing using the product, I still highly reccomend it! I would have kept using it, if it weren't for the skintone problem and its a really awesome product for an amazingly low price. one of the best drugstore products ever!

*edit* I just remembered one important point, don't use this concealer four your undereye area, it sank into my fine line and emphasised it more then before! i think it's because the powder form is pretty heavy so it doesn't actually help much with lines

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Makeup Review: Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover

One of my favourite sections of my blog, is giving reviews of products that I've tried, especially when I am rarely satisfied with something and often have an itch to change around products on a regular basis.

So today's product is:

Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (it's actually a makeup base, but since everything's written in Japanese, I can't really read it. I do know that it's supposed to be good in controlling sebum for a matte finish and has SPF 20)

As always, the obligatory photo of my awful bare skin. Lots of pimples because I'm going thru PMS again. For some strange reason, I'm always trying out products when I'm breaking out during PMS, but then again, it's the best time to check out how good the coverage of a product is...

And after applying the base, only open pores and minor blemishes are covered, but it does make my skin bit more glowy

So far it's not too bad though what I really don't like about it is that after applying it, my skin still looks bare, like I haven't applied a single thing, so its good when I'm piling on the foundation and powder and such as my makeup won't look as thick. However, I can't just apply it and dust on some loose powder and run off as I usually do on my off days as it'll look like I didn't apply a single bit of makeup on my face.

Not to mention, my skin appears one shade lighter if I apply this product alone, it's a good thing if you want the fair look, but it's bad if you don't apply enough makeup over it for you'll end up looking really anaemic.
So in summary:
Coverage: 6/10 (would have been preferable if there was more coverage, but then again it has been labelled as a "pore cover", so I guess it has done its job)
Sebum Control: 8/10 (Better then the Heroine Make BB cream as it really minimizes the amount of sebum produced, thus less oxidation of my foundation too! Yay!)
Texture: 8/10 (lovely creamy texture when squeezed out from the tube, but it does feel bit dry when I apply it on my face, so gotta work fast)
Price: 9/10 (cost about $20++ if I remember correctly)
Amount needed: Bout the size of a coin as it spreads pretty easily
Smudge-proof: 7/10 (so far, minimal creasing but I've been in air-conditioned places most of the time, so it may not crease as much)
Overall: If you have nice clear skin, need oil-control and always apply a full base with foundation and concealer and such, then this product is worth getting. But for people like me who wanna use the base as a lighter form of makeup, then sad to say, this product fails in that aspect
I'll try to use up this tube of base as fast as possible, and might move onto Kate's BB cream makeup base next. I'll only come back to this product if other bases fail to control oil and sebum as well as it does.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personal Outfit 39 (School + Date)

Went to school and met the Bf afer class last week, it was Sunday I think, really can't remember. Hahahah...

Anyway, here's what I wore that day:

Outfit consisted of:
Black tank top (hidden under the cardie): Walmart
Leopard Cardigan: Lip Service
Tulle skirt: Forever 21
Blakc stockings: This Fashion
Criss cross strapped pumps: Charles & Keith
Cher Canvas Bag: Cher mook

Sorry for the awkward pose and I know I look bit pudgy but its more of the cardigan poofing up because of the pockets. But I liked how comfy and fun this outfit was, and I had a real urge to wear my tulle skirt that day, don't know why, and don't ask me.
And yes, that's the Bf behind, waiting for his narcisstic girlfriend to finish taking self-portraits hahahaha.
Usually I don't bother dressing up for school, since I'm not there for a fashion parade and I wanna concentrate on my studies, plus the fact that no one really bothers dressing up (or if they do, it's typical Singaporean boring and predictable style). Hell, I don't even put on false lashes on regular schooldays, juz lots of mascara, becasue I am too lazy to get my ass out of bed to bother putting on full make for a class where I'm just sitting there and half listening and half stoning. So doing my full make and hair during schooldays is only because I have plans after class, and most of the time, my classmates tend to get pretty shocked and surprised at the sudden transformation. Hahaha, I'll just take it as a compliment...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makeup Review: Heroine Make Liquid Liner

Hey y'all, been pretty busy lately with schoolwork and stuff so I'm really glad that I'll be having a 2 week breather after this module. However, everything's happening on those 2 weekends so I'm super stressed out about how I'm gonna organise my time. Plus, I'll be getting my hair dyed during one of the 2 weekends so stick around to see which style I have chosen!

Since today's a review post, I'll be reviewing Heroine Make's Liquid eyeliner. They have 2 different kinds of liquid liner, one in the form of a brush with a little pot holding the eyeliner and the other in a pen form. I'll be reviewing the pen version today:

Tadah! The product in question! Gotta love the retro anime girl on the packaging. It always cracks me up...

According to the packaging, the liner is supposed to have these properties:
Long Lasting Film Type: Advanced polymer formula clings tightly to skin to form a smudge-free resistant film immune to tears, pespiration, water & sebum
Stainless, Easy Removal: Our dye-free formula leaves no pigmentation around the eyes and can be easily removed with lukewarm water despite long-lasting finish
Easy to Draw Ultra Thin Brush: Specially selected 0.1mm tip draws precise lines and cat's eyes!

After giving the liner a go for awhile now, all I can say is that I'm super happy that I had decided to get it when I was browsing arund and looking for a liquid eyeliner. I was actually planning to replace my long lasting one-day tattoo eyeliner, but since this was situated right next to the other liner on the shelf, I gave the tester a go. It turns out that Heroine Make's version was alot darker in colour and dried faster as compared to the other, so i took a leap of faith and bought it at a whim.
Boy, am I glad I did so! The liner is awesome firstly because it has such a thin brush, making it easier to draw really thin lines on my eyelids. Then, it also dries like nearly instantly, saving me the hassle of messed up eyeliners and fanning my face to attempt to get the liner to dry, and its much longer-lasting then my old one.
However, it doesn't stand up to my industrial strength tears so whenever I line the inner corners of my eyes for the eye-widening effect, the liner would smudge after awhile, when all the protein and such starts to crust up at the corner of my eye. But, it doesn't smudge when I wipe it off, just comes off cleanly with minimal mess and that's like after half a day. So it's a real minor problem.
In summary:
Value: 5/5 (I can't remember the price, but I know it was like $20 or $21 max! And for it's value, it's totally worth it)
Ease of use: 4/5 (Just like all liquid liners, remember to have a steady hand, though the mess is relatively easy to clean up)
Packaging: 5/5 (Cute packaging that's easy to open so no problems here)
Application: 4/5 (I think this'll be good for makeup beginners to practise with, just rememebr to keep a steady hand and to wipe off immediately if there's a mistake, plus the thin brush makes it easy to build up a cat's eye)
Lasting Power: 4/5 (Smudges at the inner corners of my eye, but no eyeliner has been able to resist it. So far, this eyeliner has been the best one and lasted the longest. Other parts of the liner holds it's dark colour and doesn't smudge despite my oily lids)
Cleaning: 4/5 (Comes of relatively easily with my oil makeup remover, so haven't had any problems here so far)
Conclusion is that, unless you already have a personal favourite and refuse to try a different type of liner, I'd say to go give it a try! Just a note, I don't use it to line my inner eyelid, my friend tried and lamented that it was a total mess, so stick to your upper outer eyelid and use a gel or pencil liner for your inner eyelid, however the lower inner eyelid should have better results since I like a quarter of my lower eyelids just not the main waterline but it's been okay so far.
Main thing to get decently lined eyes using a liquid liner is practice, so just do it on a regular basis and it'll be pretty easy after awhile.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Choices, Choices... Hmm...?

I've been feeling the urge to dye my hair recently. Partly due to the fact that my roots are growing out (but it's less obvious then before as my hair's darker in colour currently) and partly because I just have the urge to do something different.

And by different, I really mean DIFFERENT. Since my school's started, I've realised my time of getting crazy hair colours is slowly ticking away. I highly doubt an office job would allow such hair colour unless I work for a fashion magazine or something and that is a really big IF.

So Since I haven't really done much crazy hair colours other then going lighter then most of my country's population I've turned to some pictures for inspiration and managed to narrow the choice down to 3:
Who: Staff-chan of Grimoire
Style: Two-tone hair dyeing with a light brown top and pinkish almost magenta-like tips, this was done by the dolly-kei group before it was picked up by gyaru
Pros: Most achievable as I could do some minor bleaching to get my hair to the light brown colour, plus if my hair tips dies from the pink tips, they can be easily cut away
Cons: Finding a shop that has pink hair dye
(I was also swayed to pink hair thanks to Steph's awesome pink hair! But I doubt I could do justice or have the courage she has to pull off a whole head of pink, so I'll settle for this.)
Who: Staff-chan of Grimoire (yes, I'm a major fan of Dolly-kei...)
Style: Bluish-purplish dyed hair with slight tinge of gray I think.
Pros: Probably won't need to do root touch-ups for awhile since black roots would somewhat blend in for awhile and it's a really unique colour
Cons: I think this colour looks better on shorter hair and it looks more gothic then gyaru. Plus I need to find a shop with blue/purple hairdye and a good hairdresser who can do a proper mix of the 2 colours.
(This hair colour really reminds me of Ceil Phantomhive's hair of Kuroshitsuji, so awesome!)
Who: Nonoka from Egg
Style: Two-tone hair dyeing with platinum blonde and purple ends
Pros: Really unique hair colour that combines the two other styles above
Cons: I highly suspect my hair would frizz up and die from the bleaching needed to get it this blonde. Not to mention, I'll have to do root touch-ups every month or so (black roots on blonde hair is sooo not sexy) and its more Goth then gyaru.
(least likely to happen option, but one can always dream right?)
I'm more partial to the first option but I'm really on the fence about it. Hmm..... I've been deliberating for about a week or so already but haven't come any closer to a decision so I'm turning it over to you guys.

Which colour should I do? I'm also open to ideas from you guys Thanks!