Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Hair Colour!

Remember me asking you, the readers, of this blog on which hair colour I should dye my hair? Hahaha, so scroll down to take a look at my eventual choice!

Starting the dyeing process (you can pretty much guess what colour I got from here)

Dyeing and bleaching for the rest of my hair


Blonde with red underlights that'll eventually fade out to pink

I've never gone this light before!
In the end, I just couldn't shake off the idea of getting pink hair. I know darker hair colour is in and all that now, considering it's winter season in most countries. However, here in sunny Singapore, the weather's pretty much the same all year round. That is, hot and humid, so not much of a difference for me. Besides, rules are meant to be broken right? ;)
I had to get them done in the form of underlights/streaks as the initial picture that had inspired me wasn't really achievable because I had figured out that the girl had a straight, blunt cut for the ends of her hair. That's why it had looked so awesome on her. With my hair's numerous layers, the only way to get it done was either through chunky streaks or softer underlights.
I chose the underlights because it would be easier for me to hide the pink parts when the colour starts to wash out, plus it looked more natural (pffft! Like having pink hair is a natural occurence).
One side effect of my new hair colour that I'm really thrilled about, is how fair I look now! Wahahahaha, this certainly is encouraging me to not go back to dark hair colours now!
Anyway, I'm pretty elated that the items I had ordered from Taobao are arriving soon! This means so much more outfit posts, as I've been thinking up a whole slew of outfits revolving around the stuffs I had ordered. So come back soon to check them out!


  1. Looks gorgeous bb~~!! ♥___♥

  2. Love how the pink blends in with the rest of your hair and isn't too overwhelming. I love how lighter hair makes skin fairer. ahahah.

  3. i Freakking love it <3 so ke ai~

  4. good job with your hair! is very original <3

  5. amazing!! love it!! i want new hair colour too^^ xx

  6. @ Tori- Thanks babe!

    @ Phaik Yie - hahah, unfortunately, it still looks red in pitures even though its pink in real life!But I guess it'll look pink as the colour washes out

    @ Samei - hahha, thanks! I didn't realised it looked cute, I thoguht of it as more funky

    @ Mar - Actually, I was kindda inspired by one of Romihi's old hairstyle, except, her pink was more hidden under the top layers of hair. I simply asked for mroe pink then blonde instead.

    @ kalai - Thanks! Why not try a new hair colour? You're only young once!