Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Contact Lens Review: Adult series Brown

Today's review is the Adult Brown contact lenses. Modelled by Sayaka Araki as shown here:

I ordered the lens because I needed something simple for school/off days. Plus it looked pretty nice in the poster as shown.

The usual one lens in, one lens out photo. The lens is only 14.00mm big in diameter, so you can see its only a tad bigger then my normal irises.

Without flash, the lens look really normal, so no one and I mean, no one, even looks twice at me in class, which suits me just fine.

With flash, you can see the design on the lens. Its really trying hard to look like a kind of design that would occur in nature.
First and foremost, I had bought this pair of lens for the sole reason of using them for school, so that I won't have to be bothered to dress up and all that. But I actually came to love the lens over time. I really like that the lens are super natural looking, because of the design, the smaller diameter and the fact that there's no black outer ring.
The lens is comfortable, however, at times I do get the feeling of the lens in my eye, but that's usually when my eyes are drying out and it could be due to the strong air-conditioning in my school. A few drops of eyedrops and some blinking and the problem is usually solved.
One really great thing bout this pair of lens is that, if i do accidentally put the lens inside-out in my eye, the lens colour actually appears gray-ish thus instantly notifying me of the error.
Overall, a great pair of lens but if you're attemtping the gyaru, elarged irises kindda look, well, I'd say that you'll be sorely disappointed because of the size and impact of the lens. It'll work much better as an off day lens.
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  1. Its a pleasure to follow you, right?
    Thank you for review! That lenses look really great for daily wearing~ At my school they do the same with air-conditioning, thats bad for eyes even without any lenses!

  2. Awe, congratulations on 100+ followers! ♥
    I have these lenses too & personally love how natural they are! They're a lot more comfortable then my Geos too, which I really appreciated~

  3. Thanks for the great review, the Adult series has always been of interest to me!

  4. @ chiihime - Thanks alot babe. Hahah, yea, I love how plain they are and yea, too much aircon sucks at times

    @ Tori - Thanks alot! Oooh, you have them too? Yea, they're really greta as a pair of natural-looking lenses. I still find that EOS lenses are the most comfortable out of most brands

    @ さらまり - No probs! The Adult series is pretty good, just that they aren't as light in colour as the picture shows but they're awesome in pretty much all else

  5. wanna congrat you for having >100 followers ^^