Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christian Louboutin For Barbie

Since I was alittle girl, I've played with tons of Barbie dolls, I had like a dozen different versions, even a camping version with a bright pink tent! But unlike what most child "experts" say about Barbie having a negative effect on girls, by influencing them to look like her or something along those lines, it never once crossed my mind. That is unitl today....

Check out the Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoe Collection!

The collection features a whole range of shoes, of which includes 9 original designs. All housed in an elegant suite of course! And check out their signature red soles...
I don't know whether to envy her, remain cold and emotionless, or to wring her pretty little neck! I know it's pretty weird that I'm getting all upset at a doll, a plastic lifeless thing. But if you have been lusting after a pair of Louboutins to call your own since forever, and here this little wretch gets a whole collection of them (of which most are original designs specially for her), tell me, wouldn't you get abit upset too?
Okay... maybe I really am over-reacting.... but still.... *glares*
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  1. omg this is too cute! ♥ & yes, slightly annoying too haha!

  2. k, so i've never liked barbie, but after reading this, i wish to obtain those shoes. OTL. They're crazy cute omg. ahahah

  3. haha this is so crazy xD
    those shoes are way too cute :p

  4. OMG OMG TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! It made me think about a photoshoot I saw at a fashion magazine with only Barbie doll! I love small cute things so badly >~<

  5. @ Tori- Yeah, so cute! See, even adults can appreciate Barbie!

    @ Phaik Yie - Hahah, me too! I wish I could like use a spell to make them bigger and fit me or something!

    @ Tasja - Hahah, yea, I'm amazed at the stuff Barbie gets!

    @ chiihime - Hahah, really? That would have been so cute! Me too! How can anyone resist cute small things?