Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeup Review: Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer UV

Nothing much has been happening in my life recently. Most of it has been about school and simply waiting for a few specific dates in the following weeks such as my friend's birthday party, my hairdye appointment, cosplay group outing and of course, the cosplay event itself!

So for now, I'll have to post a review post again! Hahaha... but I promise the subsequent posts would be better.

So today's product is:

Canmake's Cover & Stretch Concealer UV! I bought mine in shade #01 7 according to the description:
Covers skin while protecting it from UV rays and dryness. A UV concealer that won't run or look powdery
Has SPF 25 with a doe-tip for easy application
Contains sebum-absorbing powder, moistsurizing and skin-firming agents
Is pigment-free, Unperfumed, Alcohol-free & non-chemical UV filters (great for sensitive skin!)
Waterproof formulation make it resistant to water, sweat and sebum, controlling stickiness, shine amd dullness.

Same old ugly pimple-infested skin. I assure you my skin has gotten much better since my hormones are back to normal again..

After applying the Majolica Majorca base (see previous post for review)

And finally after applying the concealer, pretty good coverage as you can see!
After giving the product a go, I can safely say, its a heck of a awesome product! It covers blemishes really well and stays put all day, with little need to touch up during the day. The formula is pretty thick so just apply a little amount at a time, the doe-foot applicator is useful in helping you do this and the product turns from a cream to powder after blending, making it appear less thick.
However, do work fast whilst using the product as it dries fairly quickly, so I suggest you dab alittle then blend and repeat where necessary, not apply it all over then blend, for you'll end up having a hard time getting it to blend well once it starts to dry. However, that is a small flaw that I can live with.
So in summary:
Coverage: 9/10 (pretty good coverage and covers most if not all blemishes well)
Sebum control: 7/10 (can't actually tell much as its only applied on small sections of sreas, however, the product doesn't smudge through the day, so i guess it is controlling the oil)
Texture: 6/10 (quite thick, but it could be why it's so good at covering blemishes, however, its not too bad once it dries totally as it becomes a powder. Just remember to blend fast!)
Price: 10/10!!! (got it for less then $20 at a local drugstore, might be even less then $15 if memory serves me right, so its an awesome product for an awesome price!)
Smudge-proof: 8/10 (my blemishes stayed concealed throughout the day so it's really long-lasting)
Just a side note, I actually bought the lightest shade available but I don't know if it's the base being too light or me just being anal, but I feel that it's still a shade too dark for my skintone. I aksed Francine about it(she's a makeup artist), and she did concur that it's a half shade darker then my skintone, however she told me I was just being anal and that most people wouldn't realise it. But I still didn't feel too comfortble knowing it could possibly be enhancing and not concealing my falws, so I cracked and bought another concealer, despite me having some serious cash flow problems for this month and the next. I'll be doing the reveiw of the other concealer next time.
However, despite me not continuing using the product, I still highly reccomend it! I would have kept using it, if it weren't for the skintone problem and its a really awesome product for an amazingly low price. one of the best drugstore products ever!

*edit* I just remembered one important point, don't use this concealer four your undereye area, it sank into my fine line and emphasised it more then before! i think it's because the powder form is pretty heavy so it doesn't actually help much with lines


  1. That coverage really is quite good! ♥ I actually wouldn't have really noticed the skin tone difference either if you hadn't mentioned it though, haha XD But then again, I'm not an expert!
    Sounds like a product worth trying definitely though~

  2. @ Tori - Yea the coverage is so awesome! Hahaha, I do think I might have over-reacted, but still, I kept fidgeting and looking at my mirror, which made me look like a super narcisstic person. So I gave up.

  3. The concealer wasn't too light for your skin. The base brightened your skin 2 whole shades (from what I can see in the picture) meaning that your concealer was darker than your base.

    1. WOW!! A comment on a post 4 years back!! Hahaha, I didn't think anyone read them anymore.

      Shucks I should have posted a picture with my foundation on so that you could see the difference :( It kinda showed under my foundation in real life.