Friday, October 15, 2010

Makeup Review: Jewerich No.1 Lashes

I had been saving up my longer lashes for my cosplay events. More because of how dramatic the length and volume of the lashes are and that cosplay does require a certain form of theatricality. So with my upcming event looming just round the corner, I thought I might as well bring out my saved lashes and give them a test run.

So today's review is for Jewerich's No.1 Lashes:

Very cute packaging...

Upper Lash: Jewerich No.1
Lower Lash: Dollywink No.5
Eyeshadow: Dior 5-shadow palette in Night Dust & Majolica Majorca GD 822
Eyeliner: Heroine Make Liquid Liner (pen) & Kate gel liner
Lash Adhesive: Dollywink
Contact lenses: Candy/Jewel series in brown

Angle from below

Angle from the side

When eye is closed
The lash pakcaging was relatively easy to open because it was held shut by 2 rows of tape that ended at the sides, so it was easy to simply pick off the edges of the tape and when you get it open, I was really surprised that both apirs of lashes were actually individually packaged, so it's pretty handy for carrying around a single pair instead of carting the whole box. Lash glue wasn't included in the packaging but it's alright as I seem to have a never-ending amount of Dollywink tubes of lash adhesive.
For the lashes, first thing that struck me was how thick the spine was. Its like literally twice as thick as Dollywink's and I was pretty scared at how I would be able to handle it since I was so used to the soft flimsy spines of Dollywink. I did manage to get it one with some trial and error however, throughout the day, I kept getting the feeling of the lash spine poking my eye if I had placed it too clsoe to the edge of my eyelid and it was pretty painful. Not to mention, I'm not sure if it was the weight or the form of my eyelid or the way I applied the lashes, but somehow, the one on the right eye "stood" up better then the other side, so I had to constantly adjust it.
Anyay, sadly, within 2 days, I destroyed both pairs of lashes! The reason was that I was trying to peel off the dried adhesive on my first pair when I ended up pulling off a whole tuft of hair off and that was how I also figured out how the lashes were made. It seems that unlike Dollywink that has "hoops" for the lashes to sit on the spine, and thus allowing you to move the hair about with a pair of tweezers and gentle manouvering, Jewerich lashes are made by presseing the hairs together between 2 plastic spines. Hence, the reason for the super thick spine and why I couldn't seem to adjust the tufts of hair earlier.
After destroying my first pair, I used my second pair and looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking when I tried to pull off the dried adhesive again and thus, a whole tuft (in fact an even larger tuft) of hair came flying right off. So now I have officially ruined both pairs within the span of 2 days and noteably, it was the right sides that were destroyed. So moral of the story? Clean the lashes by wiping or soaking them with makeup remover and don't be a genius like me who ripped them apart.
Length: 9.5/10 (very obviously long, so there's no hiding that they are falsies)
Volume: 9/10 (Lots of volume in clearly defined tufts of hair)
Application: Medium (If you're used to wearing lashes with thick spines, these would be a breeze of not, some practice is necessary)
Instructions in application: Clearly shown in the back of the packaging and can be found on their official website. Popteen model, Okaerie, has also done a makeup tutorial using these lashes
Photo of Model: In the packaging you can clearly see it's a model who's wearing the lashes (its Kana Hoshino I think)
Publicity: They seem to be directing to every gal group possible, for its appeared in adverts and on models from Popteen, Ageha, Blenda, Ranzuki, Mama Ageha, S Cawaii, Egg, Popsister and even Zipper. The main spokespersons, Kana Hoshino and Inoue Masahiro also constantly promote the products.
Price: 980(JPY)/ bout 15.60 (SGD)
Despite the pain and irritation and the fact that I have to slowly clean the lashes after every use, I'm willing to get myself another box next time. The effect that the lashes produce are simply amazing and very eye-opening (literally!), but now that I know that these require special and more gentle care, I have to remember it the next time and not be so quick in attempting to rip them apart. Plus, they're really awesome for cosplay!


  1. The lashes are so perfect.
    They look cute on you!

  2. They looked really cute on you!!
    it's a shame they got ruined though.
    I am thinking about getting lashes but I'd be such a beginner that these would definitely be too hard, hah

  3. Thank you for this review! ♥ I think they look amazing both open & closed~

  4. You just made me feel like doing a review on my Jewerich lashes too. Lol.

  5. @ Maria May- Yea they're awesome

    @ Suzu - Thanks alot! I hated them initially, but after lookign bakc at the pictures, i fell in love with them

    @ stacywahh - haha, yea, it's such a shame that they were ruined. I think just practise using them would be the key, I needed to get used to the thick spines too.

    @ Tori - hahah, yea they're awesome in all angles

    @ ☆ steph ☆ - Do it!! hahahah...