Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recent Taobao gets!

Early this month, I had ordered a bunch of stuffs from taobao. I would have ordered alot more if I could, however, being bit financially constrained, I had to limit myself, which was a real painful experience. Anywhoo... here's what I managed to eventually get:

Finally! A furry tail! I had actually ordered one in a lighter colour, however they ended up sending to me one which looked more like this. I actually don't mind it, as I was kindda regretting bout ordering a white version as I realised that the colour limited how I could style it with my other clothes.

Got this fake 2-piece dress too as I wanted something that incorporated the military look without being too tough. This was a nice balance between being girly and uptight.

I had actually ordered the whole set of the Chanel tattoos but they ended up sending only one sheet which was the bird one. Quite upset bout it actually as I was looking forward to using it! Grrr....

I had actually ordered this pair of boots, however, the agent said that stocks for it had run out so I ended up offering the alternative (shown below)

I was so looking forward to this thigh high boots above all my other purchases as my other pair was disintergrating and I really wanted it so bad that my head had been concocting up a whole list of outfits to pair with it. However, the agent claims that it was out of stock so I didn't get it... I'm really frustrated/sad/disappointed about it... *sob*
Sigh... strangely, out of all my orders, the ones that I had looked forward to rceiving the most all ended up either out of stock, or in the case of the Chanel tattoos, only part of it was sent. That's the risk you get with purchasing from taobao I guess....haiz....


  1. I want furry tail too >o< '' So hot <3

  2. Awe, they're still cute gets though! I love the onepiece you got & the black foxtail can go with a lot of things :)
    I ordered the fake Chanel tattoos from eBay & just got 2 of the sheets~ I can't believe they only sent you the birds though ;o;

  3. They only sent you one sheet of the tattoos? will they send you the rest soon??

  4. @ Maria May - Hahahaah, yea I'm so happy that I finally got it!

    @ Tori - hahahah, thanx! yea, I was pretty upset bout the atts and especially that fatc that they sent the worse design out of the whole lot

    @ さらまり - Nope, they won't send the rest because when ordering from taobao it goes through a process like this:

    order sent to local agent -> local agent liases with agent in china -> order sent to the various shops -> agent in china gathers all the items that are sent to him/her and ships items to local agent -> local agent recievs items and sends to buyer

    so, if they weren't togetehr in the package sent to me, then i'll probably not be getting the rest. That's the risk you take when ordering from Taobao

  5. hey sorry to here about your shopping experience~~ hope you got the rest of your chanel tattoo pack.

    love the foxtail. i got a brown one. but now i kind of wish i got a grey one...hmm.

    the 2piece dress is cute~ and i love those boots you chose! shame they were out of stock. hope you find some similar~~ xx