Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personal Outfit 39 (School + Date)

Went to school and met the Bf afer class last week, it was Sunday I think, really can't remember. Hahahah...

Anyway, here's what I wore that day:

Outfit consisted of:
Black tank top (hidden under the cardie): Walmart
Leopard Cardigan: Lip Service
Tulle skirt: Forever 21
Blakc stockings: This Fashion
Criss cross strapped pumps: Charles & Keith
Cher Canvas Bag: Cher mook

Sorry for the awkward pose and I know I look bit pudgy but its more of the cardigan poofing up because of the pockets. But I liked how comfy and fun this outfit was, and I had a real urge to wear my tulle skirt that day, don't know why, and don't ask me.
And yes, that's the Bf behind, waiting for his narcisstic girlfriend to finish taking self-portraits hahahaha.
Usually I don't bother dressing up for school, since I'm not there for a fashion parade and I wanna concentrate on my studies, plus the fact that no one really bothers dressing up (or if they do, it's typical Singaporean boring and predictable style). Hell, I don't even put on false lashes on regular schooldays, juz lots of mascara, becasue I am too lazy to get my ass out of bed to bother putting on full make for a class where I'm just sitting there and half listening and half stoning. So doing my full make and hair during schooldays is only because I have plans after class, and most of the time, my classmates tend to get pretty shocked and surprised at the sudden transformation. Hahaha, I'll just take it as a compliment...


  1. very lovely cutieee♥ ♥
    i want your lipservice cardigan!!! hehe

  2. Haha, I can so relate to everything you just said! XD
    You look adorable though ♥

  3. Oh school days are the only days I can dress up, otherwise I have no chance because I just stay inside all day haha ><

    I Love this coordinate a lot! I think the tutu skirt and the leopard cardi are just so cute and cool!

  4. @ EMY - hahah, thanks! perhaps you could find the cardigan on Mbok?

    @ Tori - Hahaha, really? Thanks alot!

    @ さらまり - Oh, I used to dressup alot when going to school, but I kindda realised my outfits during the weekends and such became my lazy outfit days, which kindda sux when your frens are all dressed up but you no longer can afford the creative juices to come up with another outfit. So I decided to switch it round this time and now I feel more inspired!

    Thanks for liking my coordinate!

  5. how is your makeup when going school? in detail? :)