Saturday, October 2, 2010

Choices, Choices... Hmm...?

I've been feeling the urge to dye my hair recently. Partly due to the fact that my roots are growing out (but it's less obvious then before as my hair's darker in colour currently) and partly because I just have the urge to do something different.

And by different, I really mean DIFFERENT. Since my school's started, I've realised my time of getting crazy hair colours is slowly ticking away. I highly doubt an office job would allow such hair colour unless I work for a fashion magazine or something and that is a really big IF.

So Since I haven't really done much crazy hair colours other then going lighter then most of my country's population I've turned to some pictures for inspiration and managed to narrow the choice down to 3:
Who: Staff-chan of Grimoire
Style: Two-tone hair dyeing with a light brown top and pinkish almost magenta-like tips, this was done by the dolly-kei group before it was picked up by gyaru
Pros: Most achievable as I could do some minor bleaching to get my hair to the light brown colour, plus if my hair tips dies from the pink tips, they can be easily cut away
Cons: Finding a shop that has pink hair dye
(I was also swayed to pink hair thanks to Steph's awesome pink hair! But I doubt I could do justice or have the courage she has to pull off a whole head of pink, so I'll settle for this.)
Who: Staff-chan of Grimoire (yes, I'm a major fan of Dolly-kei...)
Style: Bluish-purplish dyed hair with slight tinge of gray I think.
Pros: Probably won't need to do root touch-ups for awhile since black roots would somewhat blend in for awhile and it's a really unique colour
Cons: I think this colour looks better on shorter hair and it looks more gothic then gyaru. Plus I need to find a shop with blue/purple hairdye and a good hairdresser who can do a proper mix of the 2 colours.
(This hair colour really reminds me of Ceil Phantomhive's hair of Kuroshitsuji, so awesome!)
Who: Nonoka from Egg
Style: Two-tone hair dyeing with platinum blonde and purple ends
Pros: Really unique hair colour that combines the two other styles above
Cons: I highly suspect my hair would frizz up and die from the bleaching needed to get it this blonde. Not to mention, I'll have to do root touch-ups every month or so (black roots on blonde hair is sooo not sexy) and its more Goth then gyaru.
(least likely to happen option, but one can always dream right?)
I'm more partial to the first option but I'm really on the fence about it. Hmm..... I've been deliberating for about a week or so already but haven't come any closer to a decision so I'm turning it over to you guys.

Which colour should I do? I'm also open to ideas from you guys Thanks!


  1. Do what I did. I didn't become blonde instantly. I went to get my hair dyed brown first (from dark brown/almost black), then I gradually lightened the colour until I only had to bleach my hair for ten minutes to get platinum blonde. I took about five months and it does cost a lot but your hair will not die this way.

    P.S: Go for Nonoka's hair

  2. I think the first two choices would look best on you, & like you pointed out about the first one, it would be easy to just cut off if you decided you didn't like it! I think it also helps that the staff-chan has a similar face shape & hairstyle to your current one, so it's easier to see how the colour would look on you :) All are great choices though! ♥

  3. first choice, it's so cute! xo

  4. Hi :) Found you through google alerts. I currently have the white/blonde hair with purple from halfway down, and it IS really hard on your hair and dark roots don't look great.

    I've been to Japan and met the Grimoire girls quite a few times, and often they keep the light brown hair, and put non-permanent dye over it. Like the pink here, or purple, or Heri likes green. As those colours wash out, you can always change to a new one as a "rinse" over the permanent ash brown colour.

  5. @ ☆ steph ☆ - haha, yea I know I'll have to go lighter over a period of time. That's why Nonoka's ahir is the least likely option, however, maybe I might just do it, see how ;)

    @ Tori - Hahah, thanks, I'll take your opinion into consideration. Yea, her brown hair colour attarcted me cuz it's still smth dats within my safe realm, but the pink ends give it some edge. I don't wanan jump straight into d edgy look, I'll stick a toe in one at a time. Hahahaah

    @ Desire- hahah, okay, msot people seem to pick it over the 3 choices hahah

    @ the fashionate traveller - Oh hi! I too a look at your blog and I saw your hair! So cool!

    Yea, I saw the pics of you with the Grimoire girls, so awesome! Wish I could meet them too! Yea, Heri often dyes her hair green, the girl with blue hair here is Lily and she 's always dyeing purple or blue.

    Hmm, good idea on using a non-permanent dye, that way i can always wait patiently for the colour to wash out if I dont like it. Might give it a go!