Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Outfit 38 (Eat Pray Love)

Went to watch the sneak previews of the movie, Eat Pray Love recently as my mom had managed to get the tickets through some magazine event or something.

Funny thing was, my mom ended up dragging her best friend to join her and I did the same too, by pulling Pochi in. So there were 2 generations of best friends sitting in the same row in the cinema. And it became even funnier when we later realised that my mom's best friend's sister (whew! that was a mouthful) was sitting one row down with her own best friend! Small world.....

Wore a pretty simple outfit since I was just attending the premiere:

Outfit of the day (pardon the sleepy, half-closed eyes in this pic):
T-shirt: borrowed from mom (it actually has a heaphone design fromed by sequins, but my hair covered most of it)
Skirt: Delyle
Black Stockings: This Fashion
Engineer Boots: Bought in Macau
Red Leather bag: Louis Vuitton
After like 2-3 weeks of patiently growing out my hair (no thanks to that awful hairdresser who ruined my hair!), I am finally able to curl my hair and get it back to it's poufiness from before! I tried curling it slightly differently this time, not sure how to describle it, but I simply curled the opposite of how I normally do it, so the curls are reversed. So I finally managed to get that little curl just beside my fringe that I've always seen on various models, mostly Yumachi (or was it Yunkoro?)...
The movie wasn't too bad, thanks to it, I now have a serious urge to fly off for a whole year and explore other countries whilst learning to reconnect with myself. But instead of heading to Italy, India and Bali like the character, I'll head to Italy, Venice, France and Japan instead. These are all the countries I have sworn to myself to visit before I die or else, I'll try to get my ashes shipped there or something (touch wood!).
However, I do think ther movie lacks a certain oomph!, perhaps it's that little something that a movie can never capture like a book can, case in point, P.S. I Love You. I was sobbing and heaving with every paragraph, the clean tissues in my left hand, slowly reducing and becoming part of the used tissue pile that was ever-growing. However, with the movie, I just felt a divide between the characters, their emotions and I. There was this little magic, a small spark that somehow a moving screen can never capture as much or as well as the written word. I think it's the exact same case for this story too, however, as I haven't actually gotten down to reading Eat Pray love, I cannot confirm or deny so. Perhaps it'll be an addition to my "books to read" list.
Okay, reading back, I've just realised that I've pratically poured out a whole stream of emotions and words about books and movies and comparison between them both. I guess I've been reading alittle too much... Hahahah.....


  1. The skirt looks so much better on you than on me. It looks like a freaking panty on me

  2. You look lovely bb~! ♥ & I love how you did your hair too~
    & thanks for the review on the movie~ I had been wondering if that one was worth seeing, but I'm not really a Julia Roberts fan so I'm glad I skipped it, haha XD

  3. argh!!! I so totally like ur outfit ^^ both cute and simple :)

  4. @ Suzu - Thanks! Glad it looks nice, despite the fact that it was a last-minute outfit.

    @ ☆ steph ☆ - hahah, I think you need the skirt to be longer on you, cuz you have longer legs then I do *jealous*

    @ Tori - Thanks alot! The hair was a really rough first-time attempt so I didn't really know how it would have turned out. Glad it came out okay. haha, I do think the book would be better and the movie made me hungry for pasta and pizza no thanks to Julia Roberts eating them so temptingly. =___=

    @ WK - hahah, thanks, it was a last-minute pulled together outfit