Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 4 (Elegance Stage)

Last stage for today guys, I'm totally spent from spending all day choosing and slowly editing all the pictures. This one is the Elegance Stage and true to it's name, the outfits were all elegant and classy-looking, something I can imagine the rich housewives of Japan donning when they step out for tea and shopping.

31 Sons de Mode had a very muted colour palette which they kept throughout their collection, but it was far from boring. Over the knee boots and thigh high socks kept the looks from being staid and boring. The fedora and polka-dotted dress on the first picture on the right are from the TGC X 31 Sons de Mode collaboration.

Initally when I saw all the white floral outfits that L'est Rose had sent down the runway, I was thinking "oh no, not another Liz Lisa-ish floral crazy brand", but the Chanel reminiscent tweed outfits that came after roused my interest in the brand and my personal favourite is the second outfit from the left. Some of the models had teddy bears matching their outfits, very cute! I'm loving the L'est Rose X TGC collaboration item too, the floral dress with the attached vest on the first picture on the right is sweet but not sickeningly so as the red over-the-knee boots toughen it up abit.

I highly suspect Apuweiser Riche had a very fashionably elegant schoolgirl in mind when they designed this collection. Cardigans, plaid skirts and thigh high socks were aplenty but not juvenile in anyway, I bet Blair from Gossip Girl would approve! The ribbon cape and sweet floral dress are TGC X Apuweiser Riche collaboration items, kindda mori girl influenced I think. Not to mention, Apuweiser Riche just opened their new store in Marui City Shibuya 4F!

I'll continue again tomorrow if not the day after with the rest of the TGC 2010 A/W show, there's still so much more pictures for me to slowly sift through, select and put together so be patient okay?

Be back ASAP!

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