Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 8 (Highlight Stage)

Last post on the TGC event and the one I was most excited about! These are the 2 brands who had their debut during th TGC event, so a pretty good way to gain exposure. Who knows, in the near future we may just see their names and clothes being splashed across various magazines, so Id keep an eye out for them!

I am ooh lala love with this brand! Lovedrose totally breaks typical Japanese brand fashion by choosing the elegant equestrian style for inspiration and instead of doing the usual bowler hats and fedoras this season, they chose to do the top hat instead! Lovedrose may well be a rule-breaking brand, but done with pizzazz and class but not boring-ly so... I'll be keeping my eye for this one..

AG by Aquagirl does more basic causal pices that merry comfort with style with loose flowy tops/dresses, I can see the mori gal influence there. The mother-child outfit combo is so adorable and the entire outfit in the second pic from the right is the result of the AG by Aquagirl X TGC collaboration. A nice outfit that is casual comfy, but not short on style

Finally, gotten eveyrthing up, hopefully I haven't disappointed anyone by not uploading everything immediately, and omg I totally forgot to mention this earlier, you can click on the pictures to see them in a larger size! It's actually better if you look at the details closely, I swear.
The giveaway is closed now, so I'll be announcing the winner soon okay?
Ugh just gimme awhile to recuperate, the photoshoot from the day before totally drained out all energy from me, imagine being in charge of wardrobe, makeup, photography direction etc. for 2 PVs for a whole 10 hours. It's not easy and extremely tiring, I can't imagine being the cosplayer, but it'll be my turn soon... hopefully it'll be less work... cross my fingers!

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