Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personal Outfit 35 (Shopping Mad)

Met up with Steph yesterday to collect some boots which we had ordered (and my cosplay costume) from a fellow cosplayer. Was totally cheated by the stinking Taobao seller, they gave the both of us the wrong sizes, like literally 2 sizes smaller then what we asked for. I'll be selling mine as Steph's giving me hers. Did some shopping after dumping the stuffs at her place, it's so nice to be able to live so near the major shopping district.

Wasn't really inspired for my outfit yesterday and since I've been talking to Steph alot about Mode style, thought I might give it a go. Unfortunately, the top that I wanted to wear was kindda dirty, so had to make do with this top instead instead:
My first real attempt at Mode, should have added a chunky necklace too:

Fake 2-piece top: Bought in Hong Kong

Black Skinny jeans: Red2

Black pumps: can't really remember

Bag: Chanel

The key thing bout Mode that separates it from other styles is the super strong eye makeup and large earrings to focus on the face. I don't have pierced ears, but luckily my mom has a stash of huge, chunky vintage earrings. Love they eye makeup, I look so fierce and ice-cool, if I don't smile... Its my favourite part of the whole Mode look

These are Karl Lagerfeld clip-ons, they don't make costume jewellery like these anymore....

Bought a few stuffs including the latest Popsister and a large pair of glasses, perhaps I'll do a "gets" post next time.

I finally cabbed home as the bags of stuffs were so heavy that I my fingers were on the brink of falling off. But I'm really glad that my costume is here, so I'm finally set for my 2 cosplay events this year.

Thanks alot Steph dear for letting me throw my stuff at your place and your outfit was soo hot!


  1. I think your outfit totally translates mode! ♥ Your eyemake looks fabulous too & I'm loving those earrings. I agree that a nice chunky necklace would have really set off the look, but I see Ena Matsumoto in simple codes like this all the time so you're definitely doing it fabulously~!

  2. @ Tori - hahaha, thanks alot! I kept feeling so under-dressed as a gyaru (get what I mean? ahahah). The eyemake is my main motivation to try this style again and luckily my mom has a stash of chunky clip-on earrings, otherwise it just won't look right without chunky earrings.

    I'll definitely give it a shot again!