Friday, September 17, 2010

Contact Lens Review: Jewel series aka Candy series Brown

Just last month or so, I bought a total of 3 different pairs of circle lenses as my old ones had been tossed out after they started irritating my eyes pretty badly (I swear the old ones were fake judging from the packaging and the numerous complaints I've read about the blogshop...oh well... luckily no harm done!).

After researching bout comfort, design etc. this pair, the Jewel/Candy series was my first choice as I've been seeing it everywhere! Literally!

Most recently worn by Kumickey in the September (I think??) issue of Popteen

And most famously by Tsubasa during her Dollywink campaign, I think in the various images for the different lashes, she pretty much wore most of the selection of colours (except for pink, I think)...
So after getting my own pair, I was really looking forward to how it would appear on my own eyes:

The usual one side lens in, one side no lens photo

Now with both lenses in

As you can see, the 14.5 diameter really enlarges the eyes, though most of the enlargement probably comes from the black ring around it. I like the colour from far, it really changes my eye colour to a soft hazel and resembles my old Max Pure Browns alot such as looking like the glass eyes of dolls and stuffed toys albeit with a large black ring around it.
However, if someone does peer closely at my eyes, the pixelation details that make up the brown colour is pretty obvious, but that's only if the person is really close to your face. So far I've only had good comments from friends who've seen me wearing it so I guess that's a good thing!
I do have to warn you that the lens is thicker then most other lenses I've gotten so far, so sometimes putting it in, can be a pain (but it could be because my eyes can be pretty sensitive at times), but giving it a little swirl in some fresh solution tends to solve the problem. Plus I do need some eyedrops now and then, as the lens do dry out abit and start threatening to drop out whenever I blink.

I also find my eyes do appear "doll-like" at times, meaning lifeless and glass-like, so if you're not a fan of the look then this pair of lenses probably isn't for you.
But other then all that, I do love this particular pair of lenses, though I treat them more as cosmetic lenses and wear them less often then others.
*Just a note: No, my previous lenses didn't start to irritate my eyes due to poor hygiene and/or care. I am very anal about keeping my lens clean and don't just dump them in solution, I take the time and energy to rub them with a protein remover/lens cleaner everytime I wear a pair before washing them with solution and storing it in a cleaned lens case and fresh solution. Plus, I have done proper research (which I admit I should have done earlier) this time when ordering the new lenses, so I am sure they are now authentic.


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been considering this series, but feel a bit hesitant from the black ring. It seems too much. I do like how it appears on your eye, though.

  2. @ Mitsu - I don't think these lenses would look good on lighetr-coloured eyes as they really depend on a dark eye colour to make them pop! Plus they aren't say very comfortable, so i think other kinds of lenses would be better.

    @ Tori- Thanks alot! But they aren't the best in terms of comfort.

  3. where did you get these lenses? They are so pretty!