Friday, September 24, 2010

Personal Outfit 36 (Lanterns & Mooncakes)

The Mid-Autumn Festival ended just recently (bout 2 night ago, I think...) but that's no reason why one can't have some fun and relive some childhood memories by playing with paper lanterns lit by candles (oh the excuse to play with fire!) or to enjoy mooncakes whilst admiring the full moon.

I ended up doing all that just last night with some of my cosplay buddies!

Strung up all the lanterns onto a single wooden stick! And yes, we were burning candles on the cement floor (but we were nice enough to clean up the mess before leaving)!

Esther and Minichaos, my 2 closest cosplay buddies, in fact Esther and I go way back, all the way to secondary school!

My outfit for the evening:
White shirt: Uniqlo
Denim Shorts: Cotton On
Black Stockings & Leopard print Scarf: This Fashion
Spectacle frames: Random shop in Far East Plaza
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Bought this awesome pair of frames on my last outing with Steph, I finally have a pair of large spectacle frames! I popped out the lenses for the evening, but I popped them right back in when I got home, just in case I need them next time...

And in case those of you are wondering what a mooncake was, it's basically a dough filled with sweet lotus paste and a salted egg yolk in the middle. There are alot of modern variations now, but this is the original version.
It was kindda weird and amusing when tourists started taking pictures of us, whilst we were playing with the lanterns but we just ignored them and carried on. But the most amusing part of the night has to be when our very first lantern caught on fire! The candle had dropped onto its side, thus setting the flammable paper alight, causing Esther to panic and swing it around in an attempt to put out the fire. Unfortunately, all the swinging only caused the flames to get bigger but we managed eventually managed to put it out by dumping it on the floor and stamping all over it.
Hahaha, to be kids again....


  1. Looks like such a fun night~! ♥
    Loving that super-long scarf too~

  2. I agree with Tori, that sounds like a very fun way to celebrate. Although it would be a bit strange to be photograhped by tourists...

    I tried mooncake waaaay back when I was like a preteen, and I didn't like it. But now my tastes have changed and I want to try it again!

  3. ah~~~ I miss mooncake and of course the chance to play with fire only on Mid-Autumn Festival ^^

  4. @ Tori - Haha, yea it was fun doing something I haven't done in years! Glad you liked the scarf!

    @ さらまり - I found it more amusing though Minichaos was pretty irked of being photographed without them even asking for our permission.

    Haha, well, it could be that particular mooncake that wasn't really nice? There are different "variations" of the mooncake, the lotus paste could be heavier or lighter and the egg yolk more or less rich, all that affect the overall result. Just give it a try, nothing to lose right? Haha

    @ WK - Hahahah, yes, the only time we could actually play with fire without getting yelled at! My fingers were burned abit from all the hot wax of the candles as I did most of the lighting of the lanterns.

    Well, you can always get mooncake next year, and the year after etc. XD