Thursday, September 2, 2010

Makeup Review: Heroine Make BB Cream

I had finished my previous underbase last month and had the itch to try something alittle different, so off I trotted to my nearest Sasa (a local makeup/skincare shop that brings on mostly Taiwanese/Japanese drugstore brands) shop to have a look. I ended up getting the Heroine Make Bb cream to replace my used up base:

The said product...

It claims to "hide the 7 obstacles to beautiful skin: unsightly pores, freckles, spots, dullness, unwanted shine, dryness and sunburn"
Aid in "pore coverage & acts as a makeup base" (smoothen skin and absorb excess sebum)
"skincare functions"(namely moisturisation and healing)
& UVA protection "SPF 30 PA++"
This is my skin when I broke out last month due to PMS, lots of open pores and little pimples here and there...

After one layer of the BB cream, Voila! Most if not all blemishes are covered, with zero need for concealer! However, I had a really nasty zit recently and no matter what I did to attempt to conceal it, nothing, not even this BB cream helped. So I guess it can't work miracles...

I've tested this cream out for the past month or so, just to see if my senstive skin would take to it and so far it's been a thumbs up for me. It's also helped to control my combination skin by reducing excess shine and oiliness which is useful with my RMK foundation that has little help in dealing with oily skin. However, on days when I feel like applying less makeup, I simply apply this and dust alittle loose powder and that's my base for the day. So here's the summary:

Coverage: 9/10 (little need for concealer except for stubbon marks)

Sebum control: 6/10 (controls most shine and excess sebum, but still needs a dab with oil absorbant paper once in the day)

Texture: 7/10 (bit thicker then I would have liked, but probably explains the great coverage)

Price: 9/10 (cost bout $20++)

Amount needed: Probably bout the size of a small coin for both the face and neck

Smudge-proof: 7/10 (little creases at the corners of my mouth thanks to laughing and smiling all day, but that's pretty much it)

Overall: A pretty good buy for a Japanese drugstore product


  1. Wow, the difference is AMAZING D:
    I'm definitely going to give this one a try~! Thank you for the review :D

  2. @ Tori - haha, give it a try! I truly think it's worth every cent!

    @ Tasja - I too was amazed at it when I applied it the very first time

  3. How oily is it? My skin is super oily and so far the only BB Cream I tried made me break out...