Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tokyo Girls' Collection 2010 A/W Pt. 1

The 11th Tokyo Girls' Collection was recently held on 4th of September at the mega huge Saitama Super Arena that had an average of 30,000 ladies all clamouring to catch a look at the latest fashions of the top Japanese brands!

This year's TGC theme was "Back to the Classic Future", roughly translated as "future inspired by classic elements" (looking back at the roots the brands and expressing them for the future), which is pretty much what's happening with international fashion lately, a little tweak to something a few seasons ago and tadah! new collection!

4 different trend stages were presented by the various brands which were "trend", "elegance", "select" and "designers".

The brands gathered for this show were:

- Another Edition

- Apuweiser- riche

- Beams

- Blondy

- Cecil Mcbee

- Free's Mart

- Hetaher

- Kitson

- L'est Rose

- Liz Lisa

- Maison Gilfy

- Mercuryduo

- muse muse by ROYAL PARTY

- Mystic

- Smork

- Snidel

- Topshop

- WC

- 31 Sons de mode

- + rich

- AG by aquagirl (debut)

- Lovedrose (debut)

Pictures and stuff will be up tomorrow, so come back for more!
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