Monday, September 27, 2010

Personal Outfit 37 (School's started!)

My outfit for last saturday:

Outfit consists of:
Spectacle Frames: random shop in Far East Plaza
Plaid coat: Borrowed from mom (more like borrowed and "forgot" to return it, I think she's pretty much forgotten bout it's existence by now)
Black stockings: This Fashion
Cross-strapped mary-janes: Charles & Keith
White lace dress (not seen, as it's under the coat): bought in Macau
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mook
Yes, like I mentioned in the title, I've started school. Well, technically bout 2 weeks ago but it doesn't quite feel that long as my lessons are on the weekends. This happens when your diploma is from a brand new course and isn't affiliated with what you wanna study in University, totally sucks!
It's due to crap like this, that I am forced to take an additional 3 modules before I can actually start my real course. Not to mention, they only have lessons for these 3 modules on weekends! So instead of being a crazy, 21 year old living her life and partying the weekends away, I am stuck in endless lectures which attempt to crash a whole module within 2 weekends and then force us to sit for an exam after those 2 nasty weekends. Woohoo! So fun!
Ugh, but gotta stick it through for the sake of one's future and for that silly piece of paper that'll guarantee me a better job.
I hate growing up...... :(
Anyway, I watched Wall Street with the Bf, pretty simple storyline made complicated with all the Wall Street jargon that made my head spin. I understand it and yet I don't understand it, get it?


  1. I love your coat, you shouldn't return it;) ;)

  2. It's a really cute outfit!! :O

  3. Such a cute fall outfit~!
    Make sure you make time to do some fun things though~ you're only young once, haha! ;Dyy

  4. @ Sandra - If it comes in pink - Hahaha, I don't think I will. XD

    @ Jaane - Thanks alot!

    @ Tori - hahaha, thanks! Yea, that's why I just wear whatever I want and cosplay because these are things that I can do only when I'm young.